The 0.18.0 update is coming close to PUBG Mobile in a few days. According to leak information from many beta testers, there will be new modes, a new Miramar with tons of new features, and a new SMG called P90. With these additions, PUBG Mobile will be more fun to play than ever. Let's get a head-up first and check out all the details about everything that is coming to PUBG Mobile including PUBG New Modes 2020, Miramar 2.0, ... and more below.

cold front survival mode
PUBG New Modes 2020: The latest Cold Front Survival mode

PUBG New Modes 2020

New and fresh game modes are one of the reasons why people love playing PUBG Mobile. It's great to play PUBG Mobile in a different way with some slight additions and twist to get away from hardcore ranked matches. The Cold Front Survival that PUBG Mobile just released last week was a great success and everyone loves it. Check out our article PUBG Mobile Cold Front Survival Guide - Everything You Need To Know to find any information you need about the mode.

In the 0.18.0, PUBG Mobile is going to release 2 other modes called Safety Scramble Mode and Jungle Adventure Guide Mode. Let's check them out below. You can watch PUBG new mode gameplay below.

1. Safety Scramble Mode

Safety Scramble Mode is a special mode that appeared once in PUBG PC before. This mode will be played on Erangel. Instead of having 1 Blue Zone likes usual, there will be 2 Blue Zone in this mode, one outside the circle and one inside the circle. The map will look like in this picture.

pubg new modes 2020 safety scramble
PUBG Mobile new mode Safety Scramble

There will be another small circle that is filled with the Blue Zone inside, making the overall safe area much smaller. This inner Blue Zone will shrink down proportionally to the safe zone circle to make sure that players have enough space. The damage from the inner Blue Zone will be the same as the damage of the current Blue Zone.

With this setting, it will be harder for players to camp and stay still in the middle of the circle. The second Blue Zone will force many players to change their ways of playing PUBG Mobile and to fight more. This is a great war mode PUBG for players who love getting kills.

2. Jungle Adventure Guide Mode

Jungle Adventure Guide mode is a brand new mode for PUBG Mobile on Sanhok. The mode introduces many new features such as Hot Air Balloons, Totems, Jungle Food,... The objective of the mode is the same as the Classic mode, to become the last man standing and get the Chicken Dinner. But the new twists in mode will give tons of advantage to do so if you know how to use them.

Your character can obtain 3 kinds of temporary buffs in this game with 3 different effects. But in order to activate these buffs, you need to find Jungle Food. Jungle Food spawns randomly all over the map and can run across them by chance, but there is a better way to find a Totem by using a Hot Air Balloon.

Pubg New Modes 2020
PUBG new modes 2020 - You need to find Jungle Food in this new mode in PUBG Mobile

Hot Air Balloons are marked on the minimap so you will be able to find them easily. There are enough loots for 1 player on the Balloon so you can just land at their place right at the start of the game if you are playing Solo. When you are in a Balloon you can control it to fly up straight and press the button that pop-up to find. When you want to get down, you can control the Balloon to go down or better yet, jump down. Don't worry you won't lose any health.

pubg new modes 2020 balloon
PUBG new mode Jungle Adventure Guide

Whenever you eat Jungle Food, you will receive a random buff from a total of 3 buffs. Here is the list of all the buffs:

  • You will be able to sense the location of Airdrops for a few minutes.
  • Enemies' locations will be marked on the mini-map if they make a sound, last for a few minutes.
  • Your vision will be blurred for a few seconds.

Totems will give you a blessing (which is nothing) or items. Each Totem can only be used once. You can find 6 Totems in the new wooden temple near Bhan.

Miramar 2.0

Miramar 2.0 will bring the map new features including a Golden Mirado, Vending Machines, a race track, a new Win94, and a new location called Water Town.

There is only 1 Golden Mirado each match and it is located in the garage of Hacienda del Patrón, one of the hottest drops in Miramar. It is considered as a price for the person who can make it out alive.

 pubg new modes 2020 miramar 2.0
The new Miramar 2.0

Vending Machines are placed around the map. You will be able to get Energy Drinks and Pain Killer from it. If you are lucky it will give you like a dozen of them.

The Win94 now has a 3x scope, making it a viable weapon choice now. While it is not as powerful as other real sniper rifles, it can still one-shot people with an Lv 1 Helmet.

Other Changes

Training Ground Update

You can now do a mini-challenge in Training Ground and score points to see how good you are compared to other people in the Training Ground. There a rank board for you to check the top points there. There is also another mini-challenge that likes the Whack-a-Mole game but with your gun, a great way to train your reflex. However, it wasn't fully implemented. There is a new Ferris wheel but it doesn't seem to operate yet.

 Pubg New Modes 2020
PUBG new modes 2020 - Training ground minigame

New SMG P90

The new P90 is an SMG using 9mm ammo. It has slots for a scope, a grip, and a muzzle. It has all the typical traits of an SMG such as low damage, high fire-rate but with an exceptional bullet capacity. The P90 has 50 ammo, double the ammo amount of other SMGs.

p90 Pubg
The new SMG P90

Canted Sight

Canted sight is an additional 1x scope on the side of your weapon that can be used alongside with other scopes. It is the most useful on an AR because you can switch between long-range combat and close-combat easily without opening your inventory.

Now that is everything that is coming to PUBG Mobile in the next update. Follow and we will update you on the latest PUBG new modes 2020 as soon as possible.