A PlayerUnknown's Battleground (PUBG) player recently baked a giant Erangel map cake to express his passion for the game. PUBG is a blockbuster Battle Royale in recent years. The game has a gigantic fan community, containing people from all the different walks of life and fields. As a result, you can expect a lot of great side stories surrounding the group of people. And in this case, the center of attention is a baker.

Screenshot 2
The cake is built on a giant base

Recently, a short clip of a baker and his special product was uploaded to the community. A TikTok account by the name of “Zinmieee” recreated PUBG’s Erangel Map on a giant cake. He recorded the baking process and posted it on the social network platform. The clip soon went viral around the PUBG community. 

Screenshot 4
Primorsk Seaside City

By looking at the Erangel map cake, PUBG players can easily recognize the familiar sight, on which they roam every day. From the urban warfare of Pochinki, the fiery ground of the Military Base to the harbor of Novorepnoye… All of the details are meticulously decored, creating an edible version of the game map. The gamer didn't share how long it took him to complete the giant cake, but for the look of it, we can see that it's not easy to achieve. 

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 1
The baker pays crazy attention to details

You can enjoy the whole cake since it’s completely made from edible ingredients. Its base is made of ice-cream, dyed with food colorings to make an eye-catching representation of the map. The cake looks so beautiful that no PUBG gamers would dare to eat it.

Whether it's on the PC or Mobile version, PUBG always has its own way of capturing players' attention. It can be the intriguing gameplay, the ever-changing mechanics, and of course, the vibrant community. Zinmieee's Erangel map cake is a fine example of that.