PUBG Mobile is a super competitive shooter – in order to succeed in this game, it requires a very different set of skills comparing to just playing an FPS on your PC. Due to the lackluster touch control of a mobile device, the accuracy of your shots can often be very inaccurate. There are many reasons for this, but the most common is probably the recoil that the guns created after discharging shots.

In the following article, we would list out five most effective ways for you to control the recoil of your gun.

1 – Camera and Sensitivity

This is actually something very important that a lot of players often forget. It is vital that you modify the basic settings to either the settings from pro-players or something you would be comfortable to play with.

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Sensitivity Settings in PUBG Mobile

2 – Crouch or prone while shooting or aiming

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Prone is something that you must use very often to success in PUBG Mobile

These movement modes reduce your mobility but increase the stability in which you would be able to shoot. Going prone could cut down recoil by half, automatically. That’s why the pro players often abusing that mode. Be careful when using hit, however – enemies might flank and kill you.

3 – Know your weapons

Pubg Weapons En 1
Know your weapons

All weapons in PUBG Mobile are unique – it is pretty hard to learn everything, but you have to get a crash course about them. Know which weapons have high recoil and deal with it properly or get another one. It is best to practice one gun at a time until you get the hang of it. Attachments also help a lot with recoil, especially the angled foregrip, light grip, compensators, and half grip.

4 – Switch into single fire mode or burst fire mode if possible

Lean And Fire On Pubg Mobile 30 Small Min 1200x900
Peak and fire can be pretty effective as well

When shooting, the recoil stack over each other – the more you shoot continuously, the more inaccurate you would be. Because of that, switch into the single fire mode is ideal – especially when you are using something with high damage like a DMR.

5 – Use both fire buttons

Maxresdefault 2
Enable a fire button on both sides might actually be pretty decent

You can enable a fire button on both sides of the screen so that your dominant hand can work on moving the camera and still able to fire.

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