PUBG Mobile players are quite lucky this time around as both a new update and a new season are coming in a short span of time. The new 0.18.0 update will bring plenty of changes to the game, and the Royale Pass of Season 13 will introduce to the game's loyal demographics more shiny new skins, cosmetics, and rewards.

pubg safety scramble mode
The new Safety Scramble mode should deal with one of the game's most annoying problem: camping

But one of the most useful changes the new update is bringing us is a game mode called Safety Scramble. To find out what this Safety Scramble mode is all about, read on and you should find out.

PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 Update - Safety Scramble Mode

Safety Scramble is designed to prevent the practice of players landing on safe zones early and camping there, thus gaining an unfair gameplay advantage. It is coming with the new update and will only be featured on Erangel, with no current indications of expanding to other maps.

pubg mobile 0.18.0 safety scramble mode
Within the regular zone of life, there is a blue zone of death

In normal circumstances, some players can get lucky and get a drop that is just immediately close to the game's safe zone. While there, they can take up a camping spot and pick off anyone frantically trying to get to the safe zone during the late game.

safety scramble mode
It's a less advantageous game mode for players who abuse camping

With the new Safety Scramble mode, the next safe zone is shown on the map, but instead of being transparent, it is a blue circle. Anyone trying to get there too early would suffer the same damage as being too late to get to it.  And when the blue zone is open for access, the next safe zone will be blued out on the map, and this keeps going until the end of the game.

How can Safety Scramble Mode stop camping?

Getting rid of campers completely is probably next to impossible, especially in a multiplayer environment with lots of players. However, this mode should definitely discourage the usual way of camping and make things more exciting.

Instead of the zones being camping grounds, the zone's edges will be the action hot spot, so you can either try to avoid them or go there for some shooting depending on your strategy. It should also lead to more loot out in the world for other players.

safety scramble mode
You can no longer drop near the safe zone early and take advantage of the situation

Campers may try to set up their positions around the edges. But they would have to be a lot more creative than just finding a spot somewhere and hoping any player might just pass by nonchalantly as before.

What else is coming with PUBG 0.18.0?

Safety Scramble mode isn’t the only new exciting change coming with the new update. There will be a Jungle Adventure mode that includes hot air balloons that lets players scout out the surroundings and spot enemies. Your weaponry will see changes as well, with the P90 coming to the game and a 2.7x scope for the Win94.

PUBG Mobile RP Season 13 start date

PUBG Mobile RP season 13 should be starting on May 13, which should be easy to remember. Appropriately enough, the Season 12 Royale Pass will be expiring on May 12, which means you have only a week left to finish anything you haven't already.

pubg mobile rp season 13
A lot of new changes and updates are coming to the game in just a few weeks

'Toy Playground' will be the new theme to Season 13, which will be bringing more new things to the game like more outfits, customizations, a new character, new rewards, etc. You can read about what we know will be coming to the PUBG Mobile RP season 13 here.

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