The South Korea-based video game developer KRAFTON has reaped major success with their hit title - PUBG. The mobile version of the game is even more successful globally, making KRAFTON one of the most lucrative companies. Now, there are leaks suggesting that they are working on a new 2D detective mobile game as well.

Pubg 2d Art
KRAFTON is reportedly working on a new 2D game.

The rumors started when KRAFTON openly looked for a new team of developers with very specified descriptions and roles. That alone can imply they are bringing a new game into the market. More importantly, they want people who are proficient in 2D graphic designing. The job also prefers those who are adept at scripting game iterations, further strengthen the claim.

What May KRAFTON's New 2D Detective Mobile Game Look Like?

According to reports, the new game is already under development. It may be a 2D story mode RPG or a Role Playing Game. There are two things that lead to this conclusion:

2d Game Pubg Mobile
The company may be looking to expand the PUBG universe
  • KRAFTON is recruiting people with experience in 2D editing - the format for basic RPG games
  • KRAFTON also wants experts in the game iteration - basically story design to lead players towards a scripted ending.

It may just be a new genre for players to experience who comes as a surprise for everyone.

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Can It Be A Part Of PUBG: New State?

Recently, KRAFTON also announced a new game in the PUBG franchise. PUBG Mobile: New State set to release this year, undergoing speedy development. The company is high on hiring staff with an exemplary sense of UI and graphic design. This may also mean that PUBG Mobile: New State is in its final phases before the release.

Pubg New State 2
It can be another part of PUBG: New State

Meanwhile, Indian players are still waiting for the relaunch of PUBG Mobile as Battlegrounds Mobile India. The game is expected to fit perfectly with the country's regulations and traditions. It will also bring various items, events, and features for players to enjoy.

Let's see whether this new project of KRAFTON turns out to be a 2D detective mobile game.

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