Free Fire MAX is the upgraded version of the hit game Garena Free Fire, boasting stunning graphics, smoother gameplay, and an overall more immersive experience. Like in Free Fire, the new game offers free Free Firee Max redeem codes to help you stock up on in-game goodies!

Here's the real treat: today's (June 25th) batch of Free Fire MAX redeem codes! Let's see what awesome rewards await...

Free Fire Max

Free Fire MAX Redeem Codes for June 25

Heads up! These codes below are from TheQuint and may not last forever. Use them fast! Remember, each code can only be used once.

  • 1B8C3V6M2N9K5J7H
  • 2L9J6K8H3R7Z5V1M
  • 4J7R5F6D3X8M9K1V
  • 4V8B1N3X5Z6M7K9J
  • 5D6G9F8H3K7J1L4S
  • 7S6D9R5M8X1B2C3F
  • 7Y4Z9B3C5X2N6F8T
  • 9A7S3K6J8L2F5XWV
  • 9B1G2T7X5Y3Z6N8L
  • G5K9J2L3W4R8TH7D
  • J9P6O4R1M3V8H5XG
  • L9Z1V8X5O3JG7ABT
  • N3B7C6V8X5Z2M1R9
  • P2C7V5H6R9KJLX3M
  • W6R8U3V5Z9X1OBQJ
  • X3V6T4F8J9R1SNSD
  • Y2S7Q9X3M1TNK8FU

To redeem the latest codes and claim your rewards in Garena Free Fire Max, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official Garena Free Fire Max rewards redemption website.
  2. Log in to your Free Fire Max account (Facebook, VK, Google, or Twitter work).
  3. Enter the redeem code on the website and tap "CONFIRM."
  4. Your rewards will be sent to your in-game mailbox within 24 hours.

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