There are five new roles in Free Fire Max OB44 with specific expertise and skills. Therefore, you also need proper weapon types for them. Let's check out the most suitable role to play and the best firearms/character to pick for Booyah with each role here.

#1. Rusher

Aggressive FreeFire MAX players who love close combat and quick actions should pick the Rusher role. When taking this role, you must have quick reflection skills and a good sense of position to approach enemies safely and quietly, and then clear them quickly. Rushers should be agile as well.

Shotguns and SMGs are the best weapons for FreeFire MAX's Rushers. They are strong and flexible, so they are suitable for this frontier role in a Free Fire team.

Rusher Free Fire

#2. Rifler

Riflers or assaulters often take up mid-range combat and sometimes long-range battles. They can follow Rushers and cover their backs to contribute to Hit Points and support them in eliminating enemies. Full-auto Rifles and Marksman Rifles are the two best weapon types for Rifles. They are strong and reliable for this role. You also need great assaulting skills to control these weapons.

Rifler Free Fire

#3. Sniper

Snipers often take up the observation task of the team and inform allies of the position of the enemies. They also take down the targets with accurate shots from a long distance. Therefore, Snipers must be well-prepared and careful in every shot, because riflers often have to change their position after each shot to aim and shoot the opponent behind the cover.

Sniper Rifles are the best weapon for snipers in Free Fire MAX. This firearm often deals high Damage per Hit. But a decent scope is essential to aim and shoot accurately for precise headshots.

Pick Sniper Rifles
The Best Sniper Rifle

#4. Support

Supporter role in Free Fire MAX does not often engage in combat, but they are important to help the whole team get Booyah. They can take the mission of scouting, finding the enemy's location, healing teammates, looting and carrying supplies, driving cars, and contributing to total damage.

Clue, Thiva, Homer, and Dimitri are great character options for Free Fire players who pick this role. Their skills will help your team survive and get more kills for higher K/D status.

Homer Support
Homer - the best support

#5. Bomber

Free Fire MAX Bombers can use explosive weapons and throwables to deal tons of AoE damage to enemies. Sometimes, they can clutch the opponent squad when they gather in a small area. They also prevent the enemies from gathering to support each other.

Alvaro and A124 are two ideal character options for this role. Besides, you should pick RGS-50, M79, or Trogon as the main weapon.

A124 Bomber
A124 - The Best Bomber

Apart from the new role system, you can experience new exciting features in Free Fire MAX OB44 Patch, such as Mechadrake in BR, CS Dragon Airdrop, weapon updates, new characters, Return of Zombie Hunt, etc. In addition, there are lots of redemption codes for valuable rewards every day. Stay tuned for more interesting content about this battle royale game.

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