Most BGMI pro players are playing as assaulters. To play this role well, you need both good strategies and professional skills. Here are the best tips to improve BGMI assaulting skills and strategies.

#1. Halfway Stair

It's an essential strategy for BGMI assaulters to push apartment campers. Most campers are often prone in a corner of the second floor in high-rise buildings and put the crosshair at the stair to headshot. In this case, if you push immediately without knowing the enemy's position, you will get shot first.

Halfway Stair
Run halfway through the stair and spot the enemy before rushing.

To avoid being knocked stupidly, you should use the halfway stair tip to determine the position of the enemy. Run quickly halfway up the stair and fall back quickly. When you determine the location of the opponent, finish him with one shot only. Then, you can push and eliminate the enemy quickly, safely, and effectively.

Finish Him In One Shot Only
Finish him in one shot only.

#2. Weapons For Face-To-Face Fights

Mk14 and M1014 are two highly recommended weapons for face-to-face combat. These weapons have insane DPS due to high hit damage or a high rate of fire.

With M1014 and other shotguns, you can finish an enemy in one shot only. Besides, hip-fire is the best firing mode for this gun. Therefore, you can react quickly without having to open the scope.

Mk14 has insane DPS with super high hit damage and firing rate. It's the most powerful weapon in the BGMI close-range spray. You can finish the enemy in an eye blink. Moreover, the crosshair of this gun is very big when you jump to shoot.

Use Shotgun
Use shotguns or Mk14 to finish enemies quickly.

#3. Use TPP To Peek Out Corners

The view of FPP mode in BGMI is more limited than that of TPP mode. A lot of assaulters often switch to FPP mode to make the view more realistic and spot enemies from the point of view of their characters. However, it limits their view.

Use Tpp To Spot Enemies
Use TPP to spot enemies easier and more safely.

If you play FPP mode, you will have to expose their head to expose enemies from the corners. It's a good chance for enemies to headshot and he will finish you right away. Don't appear on your enemy's screen until you are ready to take him down. If you stick to the corner and use TPP, you can spot enemies without being spotted.

Use Tpp To Spot Enemies First
Expose when you are ready to shoot.

#4. Use Windows & Doors To Chance The Angle

When fighting in big compounds or residences where there are many houses with front and back doors or windows, you can use them to change the angle. For example, let the enemy spot you when you enter the house through the front door. Then, escape the house through the back door or windows secretly.

Make the enemy think that you are inside the house. Then, you get out from another side to approach him quietly and surprise him. You can use some smoke to fake your movement and frag grenades to hide your footsteps. It helps confuse the enemy when you are getting to his back silently.

Use Windows And Doors To Change Your Angle
Use windows and doors to change your angle.

#5. Contribute Damage

When you are playing with teammates, you can divide your team into two duos to push from two sides of the enemy team. However, don't go alone. Make sure that at least two players are going together to contribute damage. But don't rush in simultaneously. You can run after or before your enemy.

Contribute Damage
Contribute damage to finish the enemy faster.

Then, one of you will bear more damage while the supporter behind needs to shoot accurately and avoid being knocked. The tanker rushing in first needs a high-level armor set to avoid being knocked right away. Moreover, when getting shot, your aim will shake a lot. Therefore, the supporter has to cause more damage when the tanker loses the aim.

Those are the top 5 BGMI assaulting skills and tips to play better and more professionally like Legendary-tier assaulters.

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