While BGMI is a free-to-play game, the game features a lot of microtransactions and events for players to purchase. Players will use the in-game currency called UC to buy in-game items, skins, Royale Pass. In order to get UC in BGMI, players have to use real money so a lot of players want to get a good deal out of their money.

Recently, a site called "Game Health In BGMI UC" has gotten popular among the BGMI community in India. This site promotes that players will get a 100% UC bonus if they buy UC on the site for the first time. This is obviously a good deal for any player who wants to buy some UC in BGMI and it is a quite common promotion among many trustworthy top-up websites.

Game Health In Bgmi Uc
Turn out it is just a scam

However, it turns out that the site was a scam to steal your money. Keep reading our article for more information.

1. Game Health In BGMI UC scam

This website is designed to look like a normal top-up site for BMGI. It has 4 UC top-up options with a 100% bonus for all of them the first time. There are 2 Payment Methods using UPI and PayTm. Players need to enter their ID and verify it before buying.

When you choose to buy one of these options, it will bring you to a payment page where you enter your payment info, and your account will lose money just like on a real top-up site. However, when you enter your account in BGMI, you will get nothing.

Game Health In Uc Bgmi
The scam site promises to give a 100% bonus.

To make this site look real there are even videos on YouTube to prove this site is legit, but these videos are all misleading and edited to lure players into this scam. There are many YouTubers who have tested this site themselves and recorded the whole process to prove that it is just a scam.

Normally, these UC scams, for example the free royal pass zust2help BGMI, only trick people into watching ads or doing surveys to earn money for the scammers so they are not too serious. However, the website of Game Health Double UC BGMI actually takes away people's money.

Thus, it is important for everyone to realize this scam to protect their own money. If you know anyone who wants to use this site to get some extra UC, please warn them so they don't lose their money.

2. Where you should buy UC in BGMI

To keep your money safe from these scams, you should choose the in-game purchase to buy UC. The more UC you buy, the better you will get out of your money. Besides reliable BGMI UC purchase websites, there are also several ways to get a discount for your UC purchases.

Paytm cashback events

Paytm often releases cashback events that give players up to Rs 300 upon purchasing the Google Play recharge code. The more you spend, the more cashback you will get. The cashback money will be transferred to your Paytm account. The amount is not too much but it is safe.

Amazon Pay

Similarly, Amazon Pay also offers discounts upon buying Google Play recharge using Amazon Pay UPI. You can get 5% cashback, up to Rs 200 on your purchases.

3. How to get UC in BGMI for free

Note that there is no hack or website where you can just get as much UC as you want in BGMI. These are just scams like the one above and you will lose your money or account. However, there are several workarounds to get free UC.

BGMI in-game events

Once in a while, the game will release events like this and it is a great chance to get some free UC. For example, there was a BGMI Growing Pack event that let players earn 100 UC for free along with other skins and items by doing simple missions. You can follow Gurugamer and we will update you as soon as these events appear.

Growing Pack Bgmi Missions
Growing Pack BGMI is an event that will earn you free UC.

The Royale Pass

With the new Royale Pass system in BGMI, players can earn a total of 360 UC and a 60 UC voucher every month if they make it to the final level of the Royale Pass. So as long as you level up your Royale Pass every month, you will have enough UC to buy the new Royale Pass in the next month and have 60 UC extra.

Tek Era Royale Pass
BGMI now has a new Royale Pass system that can get you 60 UC extra each month.

Money earning apps

There are money-earning apps like Swagbucks or Google Opinion Rewards that will give you money for doing simple tasks such as downloading apps, doing surveys, surfing webs,... The amount is not too much but it won't take too long to buy a Royale Pass if you work hard.

Google Opinion Rewards
Money earnings apps are a good way to get Uc in BGMI.

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