UC is a premium currency in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). You can use it to purchase items, joining events, buy Royale Pass,... The only way for players to get UC in BGMI is by using real money and there is almost no other way to get UC in BGMI.

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Recently, BGMI just released a new Growing Pack BGMI event where players can get free rewards and UC just by doing some missions in the game. This is one of the very rare occasions when they give away UC for free so you should definitely don't want to miss this.

In this article, we will show you how the event works and how to get free UC.

What is the Growing Pack BGMI Event?

The Growing Pack BGMI Event starts from August 5 to August 12.

So how does this Growing Pack BGMI Event works? In the Growing Pack BGMI Event, they feature packs that you can buy using UC. That doesn't sound too appealing but wait for it.  Their best pack will give you 300 UC and various rewards that are worth a total of 1800 UC for only 200 UC.

Growing Pack Bgmi
You spend 200 Uc to get 300 UC plus additional rewards from the event

However, in order to purchase this pack, you need to complete various missions in the event and get Growing Points. The more Growing Points you have the better pack you can access to. For the best pack, you need a total of 800 Growing Points.

If you want more details about the event and learn how to get free UC then head down to the section below.

How to get free UC from the Growing Pack BGMI Event

You can access the event from the menu on the right of the main screen.

Growing Pack Bgmi 1
Growing Pack BGMI Event

In short, you need to complete missions given by the Growing Pack BGMI Event to earn 800 Growing Points and purchase the final pack to get a 100 UC bonus and other rewards.

Here is a complete list of all missions in the Growing Pack BGMI Event:

  • Log in for a total of 5 days - 200 Growing Points
  • Spend over 60 minutes in the game - 60 Growing Points
  • Spend over 30 minutes in the game - 30 Growing Points
  • Finish in the top 3 in Classic matches -  100 Growing Points
  • Finish in the top 20 in Classic matches -  35 Growing Points
  • Finish a total of 8 enemies in Classic matches - 80 Growing Points
  • Finish a total of 4 enemies in Classic matches - 60 Growing Points
  • Finish a total of 2 enemies in Classic matches - 35 Growing Points
  • Complete 10 matches in Classic or Arcade mode while in a group with friends - 70 Growing Points
  • Complete 4 matches in Classic or Arcade mode while in a group with friends - 50 Growing Points
  • Complete 2 matches in Classic or Arcade mode while in a group with friends - 30 Growing Points
  • Complete 10 Classic or Arcade matches - 80 Growing Points
  • Complete 5 Classic or Arcade matches - 50 Growing Points
  • Complete 2 Classic or Arcade matches - 20 Growing Points
  • Restore 100 Health in Classic Mode, Arcade Mode, or EvoGround - 40 Growing Points
  • Deal 200 Damage to enemies in Classic or Arcade mode - 40 Growing Points
  • Get an A rank or above 1 time in Classic Mode, Arcade Mode, or EvoGround - 35 Growing Points
  • Spend 1000 BP - 10 Growing Points

All of these missions are 1-time missions. If you complete all of them you can get a total of 1025 Growing Points. You only need 800 Growing Points to buy the final pack.

There are many overlaps missions that can be completed at the same time while you are playing so it shouldn't be too hard. Just by logging in to the game for 5 days and play ing10 matches already get you at least 450 Growing Points already.

Growing Pack Bgmi Missions
Complete Growing Pack BGMI event missions to purchase better packs with more rewards and UC.

Here is the list of all the packs in the Growing Pack BGMI Event:

  • 0 Growing Points -UMP45 Bowknot skin
  • 50 Growing Points -UMP45 Bowknot skin, 30 UC, 1x 60 UC Voucher
  • 90 Growing Points -UMP45 Bowknot skin, 60 UC, 2x 60 UC Voucher
  • 150 Growing Points -UMP45 Bowknot skin, 90 UC, 3x 60 UC Voucher
  • 200 Growing Points -UMP45 Bowknot skin, 120 UC, 4x 60 UC Voucher
  • 250 Growing Points -UMP45 Bowknot skin, 150 UC, 5x 60 UC Voucher
  • 300 Growing Points -UMP45 Bowknot skin, 180 UC, 6x 60 UC Voucher
  • 500 Growing Points -UMP45 Bowknot skin, 210 UC, 7x 60 UC Voucher
  • 600 Growing Points -UMP45 Bowknot skin, 240 UC, 8x 60 UC Voucher
  • 700 Growing Points -UMP45 Bowknot skin, 270 UC, 9x 60 UC Voucher
  • 800 Growing Points -UMP45 Bowknot skin, 300 UC, 10x 60 UC Voucher

So basically, you are still getting extra UC plus all the 60 UC Voucher and the UMP45 Bowknot skin if you get to at least 500 Growing Points.

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