There are some new myths in BGMI and PUBG Mobile communities that are fun to know. Let's check out whether they are right or wrong.

#1. School Apartment wall teleport

The myth says that if you open the rooftop door of the school apartment and run to it, you will teleport through the wall being the door. Many players have experienced it many times. Therefore, this myth is confirmed.

Run Through The Wall
Run through the wall.

You may also experience it not only on the rooftop of the school apartment. It also happens in many other doors in Erangel. Then, many players get stuck inside the wall and cannot escape. That's why sometimes you hear their footsteps or gun sound next to you but you cannot see them.

Teleport Through The Wall
You may get stuck inside the wall.

#2. The glass reduces damage

In the new update of BGMI, the game developers add glass to many windows in the game. You can test it in the custom match by doing a headshot. Then, leave the match and check the statistic of the recent match. After testing, the result shows us that the glass does not absorb any damage. Therefore, the myth is busted.

The Glass Myth
The damage is not reduced.

#3. Suppressor reduces the bullet speed

Another myth says that the suppressor, which many players call the silencer, reduces the firing speed of the weapon. Many players think that this muzzle attachment reduces the rate of fire. However, all muzzle attachments in this game do not affect or change the firing rate and bullet velocity of the gun.

It only changes the recoil of the barrel and the sound of the gun. It makes many people feel that the gun shoot slowlier. But in fact, the rate of fire stays the same. Therefore, this one of the new myths in BGMI is busted.

Suppressor Only Changes The Sound
The suppressor only changes the sound of the weapon.

#4. Tesla Car's autopilot myth

The new PUBG Mobile myth says that Tesla Car's autopilot system will crash when vehicles block its path. The myth is busted because the Testa car will crash on the blocking cars but its wheels keep rolling. If the blockage cannot stop it, the Tesla car will keep running. If there is only one vehicle blocking the path, the autopilot system can detect and avoid crashing.

The Car Is Not Stopped
The car is not stopped.

#5. Anti-gravity bike myth

The myth says that if you take the new anti-gravity bike in the new Mission Ignition mode into the tunnel in Shelter, you can see everything above you. You can try and experience it yourself. The myth is confirmed because it's a glitch. You can see everything on the ground, including enemies.

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