BGMI players need to improve game sense and strategies to win more Chicken Dinner. Here are the top 8 tips and tricks to better your in-game strategy and game sense.

#1. Take secret positions

This tip is very helpful to pro snipers and long-range fighters. Don't try to take a camping spot that everyone knows, such as high-floor windows to snipe. Instead, you can shoot through hopper windows insides Erangel's School without being spotted.

This Is A Safe Position To Shoot
This is a safe position to shoot.

#2. Take risks to increase the F/D ratio

Taking risks does not mean you engage without the strategy. It means you engage as the third party in a gunfight. When you hear the unstoppable gun sound, rush in right away even when you have to run on an open way. The gun sound will hide your footsteps and you can approach enemies without being heard.

When you hear two different gun sounds, it means that two parties are in combat. It's time for you to rush and kill one of them or both. Only by taking risks consciously, you can finish more enemies to increase your F/D ratio.

Rush In Gun Sound
Rush in gun sound to hide your footstep sound.

#3. Use Drop Shot

A lot of players do not use the drop shot at the right time to do it. Therefore, it does not work well as it should do. Keep in mind that the drop shot skill is only effective and essential in 1v1 combat. Drop shot helps you dodge headshot if you face only one enemy.

If there are two enemies or above, the drop shot puts you on the passive side. When you can knock one of them, the other one knock you down. Drop shot only work in a 1v2 situation when you are very close to both of them.

Dont Use Drop Shots In 1v2 Situations
Don't use drop shots in 1v2 situations.

#4. Be greedy

Being greedy also helps you improve game sense by putting you in all possible combat situations. Then, you will know how to deal with those situations and get the best result. If you are only greedy for bot kills, you cannot improve your skills and reflexes. The more greedy you are, the better you master the game.

Being Greedy For Kills
Being greedy for kills.

#5. Shake your head while reviving

Most BGMI players don't move when they are reviving teammates in the last circle. You should shake your head to prevent yourself from getting a headshot. You can tap on the left and right peek buttons continuously to shake your head.

Dont Sit Still When Reviving Enemies
Don't sit still when reviving enemies.

#6. Camp in intense situations

When your HP is lower than 10 and you don't have any med kits in your backpack, you are in intense situations. In those situations, don't rush or play aggressively. It's better to camp and stay alive till the end of the match. Your target is Chicken Dinner, so don't be finished soon.

Those are six new tips and rules to improve game sense and strategies. Practice makes perfect. Just play more and aggressively to understand all strategies.

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