Accuracy is the most important figure in BGMI and PUBG Mobile. If you want to get to a professional level, you have to increase your accuracy in aiming and shooting. Here are some tips and tricks for higher accuracy in BGMI and PUBG Mobile for God-tier gameplay.

#1. Accuracy In Spraying Bullets With ADS

If you want most bullets to hit your target when you spray bullets with ADS, you should start shooting from his legs. Then, the vertical recoil of every weapon will make the aim go up to his body and head. The second bullet often jumps from the target's legs to his stomach or chest, based on the range of combat.

Place The Crosshair At The Lower Position
Place the crosshair at the lower position of the target.

#2. Jump Shot Accuracy In BGMI

To make an accurate jump shot, you need to know the exact location of enemies. If the enemy is on the other side of the wall, listen to his movement and locate him. Then, rush, jump, and shoot with hip-fire. Don't use ADS in this situation or the screen shake will make all bullets spread out. Moreover, you need to shoot immediately when you jump to surprise the opponent.

Know The Exact Location Of The Target
Know the exact location of the target.

#3. Accuracy In Spraying Moving Vehicles

When you spray bullets to a moving vehicle, don't open the scope for ADS firing. The scope only increases the weapon recoil when you need to track the moving target. It makes all bullets spread widely outside the target. Therefore, only use your crosshair to aim and hip-fire to track the moving vehicles when they pass by your location. This is an important crosshair tip in PUBG Mobile aim lock. Use the same rule when you spray bullets from a moving vehicle.

Dont Use Ads From A Moving Vehicle
Don't use ADS firing to spray bullets from a moving vehicle.

#4. Close-range Headshot Accuracy

Most players have difficulty in close-range fights in BGMI or PUBG Mobile. In order to improve the accuracy in the close-range fight, you should keep landing on hot-drop locations, such as Pochinki, Military Base, etc. until you can clear those positions. Then, you need to deal with a lot of enemies in close-range fights and face-to-face combat. Increase the headshot accuracy in BGMI by learning the crosshair level on different distances.

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