PUBG Mobile is an exciting shooting game in which crosshair and aiming skills are very important. Here are some pro tips to lock your aim and put the crosshair perfectly to play like a pro. Check them out below.

Must-Know Tips And Guide For PUBG Mobile Aim Lock

Aim lock is an essential skill that PUBG Mobile players should master to aim and shoot more accurately. To aim like a pro player, you need to consider many elements, such as the distance, bullet drop,  gun recoil, movement, position, etc. The best gun to improve your aiming skill is UZI. You can use it to practice aim lock. It's also the best gun for hip-fire in close combat.

Here are some tips for aim lock that you may need:

  • You should practice aim lock and crosshair placement with UZI in TDM mode every day until you can master it.
Practice Hip Fire With Uzi In Tmd Mode
Practice Hip-Fire With UZI In TDM Mode
  • In addition, you need to choose a proper color for the crosshair because it also matters to your aiming skill. If you choose a color that doesn't fit your eyes, it may make you distracted.
  • Always hip-fire in close combat because your movement also affects while you aim and shoot. If you open scopes to aim and move, it's hard to lock the aim and shoot accurately.
Choose A Favorite Color For Your Crosshair
Choose A Favorite Color For Your Crosshair
  • Next, you should practice some drills which include three main steps: improve your jiggle movements, practice crouch-stand, and shoot, and finally switch your gun and shoot. It helps you dodge and avoid getting shot in close combat. Then, you can take the enemy down without getting damaged. You should practice it 30 minutes per day to master this skill.
Practice Some Drills In The Training Mode
Practice Some Drills In The Training Mode
  • The next tip is the focus. Obviously, it's easier said than done. However, it's the key to have a perfect crosshair placement in PUBG Mobile. It's a deadly mistake if you get distracted in combat. Thus, you need to focus on the battle one hundred percent. Listen to all the footstep sound, grenade sound, and firing sound around you. Then, predict the enemies' movement to put the crosshair at the right place.
Dodge While Keep The Crosshair At The Enemy's Head
Dodge While Keep The Crosshair At The Enemy's Head

Tips For Crosshair Placements

The best place to put the crosshair is the enemy's head. You can learn from your experience to know which is the best level to headshot. Moreover, the distance of shooting also matters to the level of crosshair placement.

  • In short-range combat, place the crosshair as high as your eyesight to headshot. It decreases when the distance between you and the enemy increases.
Always Keep Crosshair At The Head Level
Always Keep The Crosshair At The Head Level When Approach To Spray Bullets To The Enemy.
  • Practice it with targets in the training room. The training shooting ground lets players practice with many targets at different distances.
Practice Headshot With The Targets
Practice headshot with the targets at different ranges in the training room.
  • Moreover, you should spray bullet at the corner where you know the enemy is hiding before he exposes. Then, keep shooting when approaching him in that corner to kill him before he can shoot any bullet at you. However, you will need to use an AR with an extended mag or a Light Machine Gun (LMG) like DP-28 or M249. Make sure that you have reloaded the ammo clip so that your gun won't run out of bullet when you face him.
Prone To Shoot With Less Recoil
Prone To Shoot With Less Recoil
  • Besides, you need to practice and master that skill in TDM mode before doing it in real matches.
  • Drag the crosshair down while spraying bullets with AMK, Beryl M762, and other weapons with great vertical recoil.
Crouch To Spray Bullets In Long Range Combat
Crouch To Spray Bullets In Long Range Combat
  • Keep the crosshair standstill while dragging the joystick left and right to dodge bullets.
  • Crouch or prone to spray bullets in midrange or long-range combat to lock the aim.