PUBG Mobile Erangel is one of the most competitive maps full of short, medium, and long-range combat. 6x scope is a versatile and useful attachment that you can attach to many guns to deal with medium and long-range combat. Here are five places to find a 6x scope on this map.

Top 5 PUBG Mobile 6x Scope Locations In Erangel

You will definitely find a 6x scope in these locations on the map Erangel.

  • Pochinki: There are three to four 6x scopes in this big central city. These attachments are spawned insides some high buildings in the town. Moreover, you can find a lot of powerful weapons in this hot-drop location.
You can find some 6x scope in Pochinki.
  • Georgopol: It's another place where you can find at least two 6x scope in Erangel. This coastal city is also a high-risk place.
  • Yasnaya Polyana: This high-risk city also has many decent loots, including two to three 6x scopes inside buildings.
Yasnaya Polyana
Yasnaya Polyana is also a location of 6x scope.
  • Mylta Power: It's a high-risk place on the east most of the island. It's near two towns Mylta and Mylta West. There is at least one 6x scope in the largest factory.
  • Sosnovka Military Base: This smaller island is located in the south of the main island. This Military Base is the hottest drop location on this map.
Sosnovka Military Base
Sosnovka Military Base is also a place of good loot.

How To Use 6x Scope Properly?

The 6x scope is very versatile. It can be used for medium and long-range combat. Here are some tips to use this attachment properly.

  • Attach it to low-recoil ARs to engage in mid-range combat, such as M416 or AUG A3. Zoom in it to 3x to aim better and spray bullets with lower recoil.
6x Zoom In
Zoom in to use it as a 3x scope
  • Zoom out the scope to increase the visibility in long-range combat. You should zoom out when attaching to DMRs and SRs.
  • Adjust the range of the scope base on the distance.