PUBG Mobile has many weapon categories, including sniper rifles, assault rifles, submachine guns, light machine guns, and shotguns, etc. Here are the five best guns of these weapon groups in this game. Check them out here.

AWM - King Of SRs

AWM is the king of the sniper rifles with the greatest damage per hit. It guarantees a kill per headshot as long as you aim and shoot exactly. The only disadvantage of this gun is the low spawning rate of it in the classic maps. It can only be found in the airdrop, but not all airdrops contain this gun.

AWM is the king of SRs in PUBG Mobile

UZI - The Best SMG

Micro UZI is the best SMG with the highest rate of fire. Moreover, it's also one of the most stable weapons in this game with very low recoil. Therefore, you can win every close and mid-range combat when mastering this gun. Moreover, it's easy to find on all maps.

UZI is the best SMG with a super high rate of fire.

M416 - The Most Favorite AR

M146 has the greatest number of fans in this game due to its various advantage. Firstly, it's very stable and balanced. Secondly, M416 is the most versatile gun which is effective in all ranges of fire. In addition, this AR has a high firing rate and base damage. It's also the most popular which is spawned in all PUBG Mobile maps and game modes.

M416 is the most favorite gun in this game.

DP-28 - Favorite LMG Of Pro Players

It's one of two LMGs in this game apart from the beast weapon M249. The reason why it represents this weapon category to appear in this list instead of M249 is its popularity. Moreover, it's also more stable and versatile than M249. It's powerful enough to clutch a duo in close-quarter engagement. Moreover, you can use a 6x scope on this gun to deal with enemies at longer distances.

Dp 28
Dp-28 is very stable and powerful

AKM - The Beast AR

AKM is the best AR that uses 7.62mm bullets. It has the same base damage and rate of fire as Groza but AKM is more popular than Groza. The best 7.62 AR Groza only appears in the airdrop. The only advantage of AKM is the high recoil of it. Besides, it has fewer attachment slots to help reduce gun recoil. However, pro players often choose this gun to eliminate enemies quickly.