You can use UC, silver coins, or get PUBG bag skin for free from events and lucky spins. This article will give you a list of the latest bag skins as well as a detailed guide on how to buy these skins or get them for free. Check it out here with

PUBG Mobile Bag Skins From Crates/Events

PUNG Mobile has many crates that contain a lot of skins, including bag skins. There are many exclusive skins that you can get from these crates. These are some latest bag skins in PUBG Mobile season 15.

Backpack Skins From Crates

  • Fox Skull Backpack skin is the latest bag skins you can get in the Premium Crate. It's introduced in the Halloween celebration. There are skull and skeleton patterns to make it look spooky and cool.
Fox Skull Backpack
You can get Fox Skull Backpack from the premium crate
  • Red Racecar Knight Backpack: This PUBG Mobile bag skin can be obtained from the Classic crate. You need to spend UC or classic coupon crate coupons to unlock it.
  • Star and Stripes Backpack: You cannot receive this bag skin for free from crates or events.
Red Racecar Knight Backpack
Red Racecar Knight Backpack is available in the classic crate
  • Demigod Gladiator Backpack: This special bag skin is available to get from the Crow Crate. However, this special crate is open for a limited period of time from Oct 9th to 27th, 2020.
  • Ragtag Goon Backpack: This colorful and fancy bag skin is ready to unlock from the Classic Crate.
Demigod Gladiator Backpack
Demigod Gladiator Backpack and Ninja Kitty Backpack skins.
  • Ninja Kitty Backpack: You can also open this stunning skin from the classic crate. The theme color of this backpack skin is pink.

Backpack Skins From Events

  • Lady Of Blood Backpack is another bag skin in PUBG Mobile that you can get from the Legendary Contract event. Red and black are the two main colors of this bag.
  • Wraith Lord Backpack: You can also obtain this special bag skin from the Legendary Contract event by spending UC to spin.
Wraith Lord Backpack
Lady Of Blood and Wraith Lord Backpack skins
  • Skeleton Knight Backpack: This bag skin PUBG looks very cool and spooky with skeleton patterns and the two main colors of black and grey.
  • Gold And Silk Backpack: The event to get this bag skin for free has ended. You must have been very lucky to get this stunning bag skin. It was designed in Chinese style with traditional patterns of this Asian country.
Skeleton Knight Backpack
Skeleton Knight and Gold And Silk Backpack skins.
  • Persian Warrior Backpack: PUBG Mobile players could get this PUBG bag skin free from the same event as the Gold And Silk Backpack skin. It also ended now. The bag skin has Royal patterns.
  • Pink Plume Backpack: You couldn't get this skin for free now because the event to obtain it has ended.
Persian Warrior Backpack
Persian Warrior and Pink Plume Backpack skins

Purchasable PUBG Mobile Bag Skins From

There are many other purchasable PUBG backpack skins in the Redeem shop. You can use silver coins to unlock these PUBG backpack skins free in this game. Here's the list of purchasable bag skins in PUBG Mobile:

  • Smiling Pal Backpack
  • Sad Pal Backpack
  • Clever Pal Backpack
Smiling Pal Backpack
Smiling Pal Backpack and other purchasable bag skins in the redeem shop
  • Amorous Pal Back Pack
  • Fan Backpack
  • Winter Warmth Backpack
  • Snow Blush Backpack
  • Stealth Agent Backpack is purchasable at 9,000 AG coins.
Stealth Agent Backpack
You can buy Stealth Agent Backpack with 9,000 AG coins

These bag skins are purchasable in a limited period of time or permanently. It costs you different sums of silver coins. For example, you need to pay 147 silver coins to own it for a week, 630 coins for a month, and 1,260 coins permanently. Or else, you can use AG coins to unlock these skins instead of using silver coins. If you spend 1,050 AG coins to own a bag skin for seven days, 4,500 AG coins for 30 days, and 9,000 AG coins forever.

How To Get Bag Skin In PUBG Mobile?

The only way to get a PUBG Mobile bag skin free is by joining events. There are many time-limited events that you can join, complete given missions, collect tokens, and redeem bag skins. However, the chance to get these rare skins is very limited because not all events in PUBG Mobile bring players bag skins.

From Crate
To get bag skins in the crates, you need to use UC or crate coupons to open crates.

Besides, you can get those skin for free from the Redeem shop by spending silver or AG coins. Those silver and AG coins can be earned from daily missions, RP rewards, tier rewards, and special events. You don't need to use real cash to recharge silver coins and AG coins.

Bag Skin Price
All bag skins in the Redeem Shop cost from 147 to 1260 silver coins.

In addition, PUBG Mobile players can unlock rare bag skins by opening premium and classic crates. It may cost you a lot of UC which costs you real cash to top up. Or else, you can collect crate coupons to spin. The more crate coupons you use, the higher chance of getting exclusive skin you get. Therefore, you should save about ten to twenty crate coupons or more to get rare bag skins.

Legendary Contract Event
PUBG Mobile players can also get many backpack skins from Legendary Contract Event

Another way to open these skins is by joining pay-to-play events in PUBG Mobile. This game often introduces many limited pay-to-play events with a lot of exclusive rewards, including rare backpack skins. However, players need to pay UC to play. For example, PUBG Mobile has launched the Legendary Contract event with a lot of exclusive bundles and skins. To get these rewards, you need to pay 60 UC for one draw or 600 UC for a package of 10 draws with a higher chance to get rare skins. Check out the newest bag skins in the PUBG Mobile Gallery.

This is the latest PUBG bag skin list as well as a completed guide on how to get PUBG bag skin. To update the latest PUBG Mobile game news as well as more tips, tricks, and reviews for gamers, let's visit our website.