PUBG Mobile silver coins can be used to buy a lot of amazing bundles and items, such as weapon skins, bag skins, and parachute skins, etc. Here are top outfit sets you can buy with this currency. Check them out with

Top Expensive Bundles

Items in the Redeem shop are divided into three groups with three different colors: purple, violet, and blue. The purple group includes the top rarest bundles. Then, the outfits in the violet group are more diverse. Finally, the items in the blue group are cheaper and easier to obtain.

Scrappers Set
Scrapper's set and Contender set are the two most expensive bundles in the Redeem Shop.

There are four legendary outfits in the purple group. Purple Trench Coat costs only 850 coins. It's also the cheapest outfit in this group. This coat is introduced to be the coat of pro players in PUBG Mobile. Besides, Marksman set costs 6,000 PUBG silver coins. This legendary set is a full set of trousers, boots, and a long coat in dark colors.

Contender Set
The contender set costs 6,500 silver coins in PUBG Mobile.

You can use BP to buy PUBG mobile silver coins free and save this coin to unlock this bundle. The two most expensive outfit sets are Scrapper's Set and Contender set each of which costs 6,500 coins. You need to collect a lot of silver coins to unlock these permanent bundles.

Top Favorite Sets To Spend Silver Coins On

Unlike four expensive bundles in the previous group, you can choose to purchase these outfit sets for a limited time or permanent base on your budget. There are many amazing outfit sets that you should obtain in this group.

Luau Set
There are many special sets that you can buy with silver coins to dress up when playing the game.

Some Special Sets

  • Luan Set costs 235 to 2016 silver coins in PUBG mobile base on the time you own it. For example, you will own it for 7 days if you pay 235 coins. If you want to own it forever, you need to use 2016 coins. Moreover, there is a luau wreath that costs you 78 coins.
Winter Warmth Set
You can buy Winter Warmth Set to wear this winter.
  • Winter Warmth Set also worths PUBG Mobile silver coin use that costs 147 to 1260 coins. There is also an exclusive bag skin that goes with this set. You can buy this outfit set to wear this winter.
Inner Fire Set
The Inner Fire Set costs 147 to 1260 coins and goes with a headgear and a pair of shoes.
  • Inner Fire Set costs the same amount of silver coins as the Winter Warmth set. It goes with a pair of shoes costing 29 to 336 coins.

Groups Of Sets For Different Purposes

  • There are many full sets of outfits that most PUBG Mobile players spend silver coins on, such as Harvester set, Female Racer set, Climber set, Rock Climber set, Parachute set, Rock Biker set, Hazard Handler set, Plague Prevention set, Ice Hockey set, One-star Chef set, Alpine Climber set, Musketeer set, Extreme Climber set, and Chemical Hazard suit. Those bundles were very hot when they were released.
Scalet Set
Scalet Set is a sexy outfit set for female characters with a red long-tail coat and a short black skirt.
  • You can also buy some sexy sets for female characters, including Goth Punk set, Ice Cold Set, Red Hot set, Club Queen set, Carnival set, Scalet set, Barmaid set, and Mummy Nurse set.
Mummy Nurse Set
The Mummy Nurse Set is a new sexy outfit female set that comes with the infection game mode.
  • In addition, you can buy some fashion items to mix and show off your sense of fashion. There are some sexy shorts for female characters, such as Summer Charm Hot Pants, Yoga Time Top, Scorching Summer Crop Top, Summer Crop Top, and Prisoner Vest.
Blue Summer Charm Hot Pant
You can also buy Summer Charm Hot Pant and Scorching Summer Crop Top to make your character look sexy.

Top Favorite Skins To Purchase In Redeem Shop

Apart from bundles, you can also unlock many weapons, backpack, and parachute skins you can obtain. Check them out below:

  • Weapon skins: Gold Plated SCAR-L and S686, Target Practice Pan, Ice Hockey Pan, and Crowbar, Throned Rose Crowbar, and Crashing Wave UMP45.
Target Practice Pan
Target Practice Pan is one of two pan skins that you can buy with silver coins.
  • Backpack skins: Smiling Pal, Sad Pal, Clever Pal, Amorous Pal, Fan, Winter Warmth, and Snow Blush.
Smiling Pal Backpack
A lot of players were excited when PUBG Mobile launched Smiling Pal Backpack skin in the Redeem Shop.
  • Parachute skins: Striped, Camo, Army Green, Angry Gorilla, Toxic Gas, and Mischievous Night.
  • Besides, you can use silver coins to buy some hats, masks, paints, avatars, avatar frames, premium, and classic crate coupon scraps, ornament, parachute trail, glasses, and pairs of shoes.
Mischievous Night Parachute
Mischievous Night Parachute and many other parachute skins can be also obtained by spending silver coins.

How To Earn PUBG Mobile Silver Coins?

There are many ways to get the silver coins in PUBG Mobile to redeem these items. PUBG mobile silver coins hack is not a recommended method because you will get banned when using hack or cheating websites and tools to get these coins for free. Instead, you can get silver coins by opening classic, premium, and soldier's crates.

You can buy many things with silver coins

Besides, you can buy 25 silver coins per day by spending 5,000 BP. When you collect enough silver coins, you can use them to unlock these outfit sets and in-game items. In addition, PUBG Mobile players can get silver coins from royale pass rewards. Moreover, you can sell duplicated permanent outfits, skins, and items to get a silver coin refund.

Royale Pass Rewards
Silver Coins Can Be Obtained In The Royale Pass Reward

Additionally, PUBG Mobile players also get a big sum of silver coins at the beginning of each season which is the tier rewards of the previous season. The higher tier you reach, the more silver coins you earn.

Tier Rewards
You can also get a lot of silver coins as a Tier Reward

Those are top bundles and items that you can use PUBG Mobile silver coins to buy in the Redeem Shop. To update the latest PUBG Mobile game news as well as more tips, tricks, and guide for gamers, let's visit our website.