PUBG Mobile canted sight is the latest scope attachment. It's often underestimated because many players don't know how to use it properly. Here are some tips to use canted sight in this game. Check it out with

Tips To Use Canted Sight Effectively

Canted sight is a special attachment that works as a supporting scope. You can find it on all maps and in the training ground. The canted sight came with a special button. You can use the canted sight for most of PUBG Mobile weapons, including ARs, SRs, DMRs, SMGs. Besides, it lets players use two scopes in a gun.

Use Canted Sight To Deal With Short Range Combat
Use Canted Sight To Deal With Short-Range Combat

Canted sight works like a red dot or holographic scope for close-range combat. Then, you can switch from a long-range scope to canted sight in a click. However, a lot of players do not like this attachment in ADS because it can block a lot of views on your right. In addition, if you switch to the canted sight, you also miss the view on your left. About 30% of your left vision will be blocked by the large scopes when you switch to canted sight.

A Large View Is Block
A Large View Is Blocked

One more thing to keep in mind is the crosshairs of red dot and canted sight do not coincide. Therefore, if you switch between Red dot and canted sight, raise the aim a bit to shoot accurately. Practice it in the training mode to know how to aim faster and more precisely.

The Crosshair Of Canted Sight And The Main Scope
The Crosshair Of Canted Sight And The Main Scope Do Not Coincide

It's the same when you switch between a larger scope and this attachment. You need to adjust the crosshair. Make sure that you raise the aim quickly enough to reflect and take down the enemy when he gets close to you.

Practice With It In The Training Mode
Practice It In The Training Mode

The pro tip is attaching a 3x scope and a canted sight to an AR and switch quickly to clutch a squad. You can use the large scope to deal with medium-range combat. Then, switch to the canted sight to eliminate the enemy in close-quarter combat. Besides, bring a DMR or bolt-action sniper to engage in long-range combat.