PUBG Mobile ban rules list the things you are not allowed to do when playing this game. If you violate the rules of this game, you will definitely get a ban. Therefore, you should avoid breaking the relegations so that you won't get a ban. Check out these ban rules in PUBG Mobile here with

Team Up With Enemy Teams

PUBG Mobile is a shooting game in which you can only co-operate with your teammates. If you team up with enemies or players of other teams, you will get a ban. To maintain a fair game,  players are not allowed to co-operate with enemies to create a stronger team and eliminate other teams. It breaks the competitive spirit of this battle royale game. The player violating this rule can get a ban in a short period of time. However, if you repeat this mistake many times, the ban duration will also increase.

Team Up With Enemy
If you team up with enemies or players of other teams like this, you will get a ban because it breaks the competitive spirit of this game.

When someone spots you co-operating with other teams to get advantages over other players on the map, he can report you. For example, if you see a group of more than four players going together but not firing each other in the squad mode, they are teaming up.

Team Up With Hackers And Cheaters For Multiple Times

You must know whether your teammates are cheating or not because you can also get a ban if you team up with them many times. Many players do not know this rule. Then, they play with hackers and cheaters for many times to rank up fast. Then, they get a ban.

Team Up With Hackers
You can also get a ban if you team up with cheating players many times to push rank or because you don't know he's a cheater.

It's also prohibited in PUBG Mobile. Therefore, you also get punishment for playing with hackers for many games to push rank. When playing with hackers and kill other players, you also go against the fair-play spirit of PUBG Mobile. It's not fair for other players. You can either get a warning from the game server or a short-duration ban.

Use Hack/Cheat Tools Or Generators

Many players are using fraudulent websites to get unlimited resources, such as UC, silver coins, free skins, etc. Those generators are recognized as third-party apps that are not allowed to use in this game. Some of these cheating websites do not make any change in the game setting, they are also cheating tools.

Use Cheating Generators
Using fraudulent websites to get unlimited resources, such as UC, silver coins, free skins, etc. is not allowed in PUBG Mobile.

Moreover, it's also unfair when true players need to pay real cash for those items and currencies while cheaters can get them for free. That's why the game publisher also mentions this regulation in the list of PUBG Mobile ban rules. Players using these illegal or fraudulent websites will definitely get a long-time ban.

Top Up UC Via Unauthorized Payment Channel

PUBG Mobile also forbids players from using unauthorized channels to top up UC or other currencies. UC is the major currency in PUBG Mobile that players need to unlock in-game items, play lucky spins to get exclusive rewards, etc. Therefore, the demand for UC top-up in this game is very huge.

Unauthorized Top Up Channels Are Not Allowed
Using Unauthorized Top Up Channels Is Not Allowed

Many players use unauthorized payment channels that give them great bonuses or sums of cashback to recharge this currency. However, they may or may not know these channels are banned in this game. As a result, those players get a ban message from the system. But many of them even don't know why they lose their accounts and money. What a pity!

Top Up Via Google Play Store
You Should Top Up UC Via Google Play Store Which Is Safe And Authorized

To recharge UC safely, you should use authorized payment channels, such as Google Balance, Paytm, UPI, and MasterCard.

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Play Game In An Unauthorized/Cracked Game App

There are many links to download cracked PUBG Mobile game on the internet which allowers players play this game with the same gameplay. Some APK game files even bring unfair advantages to their users. That's why it's not allowed in this game to ensure a fair gaming environment for all players.

Using Unauthorized App
You are not allowed to play this game on unauthorized and cracked game apps

To avoid getting a ban from the game system, you ought to download this game from authorized game stores, such as the App Store and Google Play Store. If you download an APK file to install the cracked game and log in to play in those cracked game apps, you will get a long-duration ban.

Other Reasons For PUBG Mobile Ban

There are many other guilts that you shouldn't make, otherwise you will get a ban:

  • Kill teammates: you will get banned if you kill your teammates for several times. If the killed teammate reports your team killing, you will get a ban directly. If he forgives you, you still lose some merit points.
Banned For Team Killing
You will get banned if you kill your teammates for several times.
  • Abuse bad languages: Players can also get a short ban when using bad language to insult other players.
  • Exploiting bugs: If you exploit the bugs and glitches in the game to win, you also get banned.
  • Regular AFK (Away From Keyboard): many players just enter the match to reach the goal of match number in achievement missions. Then, they go AFK and enter other matches. It affects the tactics of their team. That's why PUBG Mobile will ban AFK players. Or else, many players may go AFK due to low ping problem.
Reasons To Get Ban
There are many reasons why you get a ban from the game system, such as exploiting bugs and language abuse.

Those are things you need to know about PUBG Mobile ban rules. To update the latest PUBG Mobile game news as well as more tips and tricks for gamers, let's visit our website.