Thumb and claw players are two main types of control settings in PUBG Mobile. Thumb and claw players have both advantages and disadvantages. Just compare to pick up the better in this game.

PUBG Mobile Thumb Vs Claw Settings

PUBG Mobile claw players play the game with 4 fingers. If you play with 5 fingers or more, it's also called "Claws". Thumb players play with two thumbs. To choose the better style, you should base it on the squad role you play in your team. You can play with either Thumb or Claw setting in different roles. For example, if you play an assaulting role in your team, the finger claw is better for you.

Pubg Mobile Claw Setting
Claw Control Layout

Thumb Players

However, it does not mean that the thumb players are noob because they cannot play with 4 fingers at once. A lot of pro players are thumb players. It's the best style for supporters in a PUBG Mobile team. If you take the leading, sniping, and assaulting roles, you had better play with the claw setting.

Recommended Setting For 4 Finger Claw
Recommended Setting For 4 Finger Claw

Besides, thumb setting is not better in close combat because you need to do a combo of actions and movements, such as crouch, prone, jump, and open scope. Players in those roles shouldn't choose to play with two thumbs because you cannot do all those movements.

Movement Combination
The claw setting lets you do all movements quickly to master close combat.

In addition, the thumb setting is better than the claw setting for gyro players. Then, thumb players with a gyroscope can shoot better than claw players and play other roles.

Claw Players

If you use a claw setting, you can do all actions like crouch, jump, and drop shots. Moreover, it's better for ADS because you can open the scope quickly. You can learn the claw settings from pro players and then adjust the control setting based on your preference.

Thumb Layout
Recommended Layout For Thumb Players