PUBG Mobile introduced a haunt Erangel map in celebrating the Halloween festival a few days ago. Here are the details as well as some tips to play and win this game mode in PUBG Mobile. Check it out here with

PUBG Mobile Haunt Erangel Gameplay And Tips

This map has some time-limited special features, such as Boss and special loots. Therefore, you will see some new marks of Boss and zombie camps on the mini-map when you enter the match. You can only play this mode on the map Erangel. There are four Bosses on four spots on the map, including Gatka, Rozok, North of Farm, and South of Pochinki.

Locations Of Boss And Loots
Locations Of Bosses And Loots Are Marked On The Mini-Map
Grand Loots
You can get the grand loots from this crate

Besides, the developer also made some changes in some certain spots where zombies set their camps. The background in the zombie camp is designed in the Halloween theme. Besides, there are groups of zombies with pumpkin heads spawned there. Besides, there are waves of zombie wolves there. You need to eliminate them to get the grand loots as rewards. Therefore, you need to use ARs and shotguns to take the zombies down quickly.

Boss Paimen
The Boss called Paimen is very dangerous
Shoot The Head Of The Boss
Shoot The Head Of The Boss To Take Him Down Quickly

Bosses are spawned in some fixed spots on the map. The boss called Paimen has great power and moves fast. He can be accompanied by some assistant zombies. Eliminating the bosses, you will get a reward. Although that boss is dangerous and fast, he is limited in his spot. If you get hit by him and need to heal, run away to a safe place, and use restore the HP bar.

Zoombie Camp
Get to the zombie camp
Eliminate Zombies To Get Supplies
Eliminate Zombies To Get Supplies
Get Grand Prizes
You Can Get Grand Prizes

Besides, there is a Spike Demon in Rozhok. He is also a powerful Boss. The death crates of those Bosses also contains many decent loots. Shoot to their heads to take them down quickly before they kill you in one hit.