PUBG Mobile season 16 is coming soon in the middle of next month. As normal, the tier rewards of the next season will be leaked two weeks before the season is opened. Here are the latest leaked tier rewards for the upcoming season. Check them out here.

PUBG Mobile Season 16 Tier Rewards

As normal, PUBG Mobile players can get tier rewards when they reach the gold tier and above. The rewards often include season-themed outfits, mask, weapon skin, rating protection card, themed parachute skin, and conqueror avatar frame. Besides, you also get a sum of silver coins at the end of each season, base on the tier you reach.

In the upcoming season, you will also get the same rewards, including an outfit, mask, gun skin, parachute skin, and more.

Pubg Mobile Season 16 Tier Rewards For Gold And Pl
PUBG mobile season 16 tier rewards for gold and platinum tiers 
  • Gold tier reward is a cool outfit. You also get 600 silver coins.
  • The Platinum tier reward is a steel mask. Players can also get 800 silver fragments.
  • The reward for the Diamond tier is a fancy gun skin got the new updated SMG Thompson gun. This SMG has been added an attachment slot for a red dot or holographic sight. It makes this gun more preferred in this game. It seems that the developers introduce this gun skin to attract more fans of this newly-upgraded gun. Besides, players who reach the Diamond tier also get 1000 silver coins.
Thompson Skin
Thompson Skin is the tier reward for the Diamond tier.
  • Crown tier rewards include a rating tier protection card and 1300 silver coins.
  • When you reach Ace in season 16, you can get a Yellow Season Parachute skin and an Ace Name Tag. Besides, Ace players will get 1600 silver coins. In addition, if you are in the top 500 players of the server to reach this tier, your tier will be transferred to Conqueror straightaway.
Yellow Season Parachute Skin
Yellow Season Parachute Skin
  • The tier rewards for Conqueror players include a Season 16 conqueror avatar frame, a conqueror name tag, and 2000 silver fragments.
Conqueror Avatar Frame
Season 16 Conqueror Avatar Frame