The latest Designed Marksman Gun Mk12 gun in PUBG Mobile is still underrated. It's a great pity when you ignore this decent weapon. Here are the main reasons why you should choose Mk12 to harvest Chicken Dinner in this game. Then, check out a detailed guide on how to master this DMR with

Mk12 Is Exclusive Gun In Livik

Everyone knows that Mk12 and P90 are the two latest arrivals in this game. Mk12 is also one of two exclusive guns on this special map. Therefore, you can only use it when playing PUBG Mobile in the Beta version of Livik. When a weapon or vehicle is designed exclusively for one map or one game more, it means this gun fit that map the most.

Mk12 New Gun
Mk12 New Gun

Before Mk12 and P90, we also have some exclusive weapons on certain maps. For example, QBU and QBZ are two exclusive guns on the map Sanhok. They replace Mini-14 and SCAR-L on this tropical island and also proved their amazing power and effects. Besides, G36C is also an exclusive gun on the snow map Vikendi, which is also estimated as the best AR on this map. Therefore, you should choose Mk12 as the primary or secondary weapon while conquering this map.

Mk12 Uses 5 56mm Ammo
Mk12 Uses 5 56mm Ammo

Mk12 has many features that make it the best choice for this map.

  • Medium effective range: The effective range of this DMR is 150m. Therefore, it's suitable for this small map. You can shoot the enemy from one hill to another hill, or from a building to the desolate hill.
  • High base damage (46-48) to take down the enemy in medium-range in only 3 to 4 shots.
  • It has a bipod to reduce the gun recoil when you lie down to fire. So, you can hide in the bush and shoot down an enemy running outside without cover. Moreover, this gun is less recoil than SLR and SKS.

Mk12 Gun In PUBG Mobile Location

This gun is spawned all over the map, so you can find it in almost all compounds and buildings in Livik. Here are some places that you will definitely find an Mk12:

Mk12 Location
You can find this gun in many places across the map.
  • Power Plant: This big drop location is always full of good loots. You can often find an Mk12 on the outdoor container with 60 extra 5.56 bullets and 20 pre-filled bullets in the clip.
  • Blomster: There are more than two Mk12 guns in this compound. One is located in the warehouse and others are spawned in some high-rise buildings.
  • Midstein: This hot-drop location usually guarantees some Mk12 guns for a full squad.
  • Shipyard: There are about 2 to 3 Mk12 guns in this coastal spot. It's not a hot drop location, so you can have a safe start here and loot enough primary and secondary weapons and necessary supplies before engaging.
Its Often Spawned Inside Buildings
It's Often Spawned Inside Buildings
  • Crabgrass: This central compound has a lot of good loots, including PUBG Mobile Mk12 guns. But it's also a hot-drop where you have to engage in early combat.
  • Gronhus, Gass, Holdhus, Wengen, and Ice Borg are some medium-size compounds that often have at least one Mk12 gun.

Best Attachments For Mk12 In PUBG Mobile

Mk12 has some attachment slots for an ammo magazine, sight/scope, muzzle, foregrip, and canted sight. Let's check out some recommended attachments for this gun.

  • Canted sight: It's useless most of the time because it covers a part of your right sight when you use the main scope to aim and fire. If you have to deal with close combat, you can do hip-fire. So, I recommend that you shouldn't use canted sight for this gun.
Best Attachment For Mk12
Best Attachments For Mk12
  • Scope: 4x and 6x are two highly recommended scopes for this gun, but the 6x scope is pretty rare. 8x scope seems to be useless on this very small map.
  • Muzzle: when you are prone, the gun is less recoil, so you should use a flash hider or suppressor to hide your position.
  • Extended quickdraw mag must be the best choice, but you can use an extended mag if you cannot find an extended quickdraw mag.
It Would Be Better If You Can Find A 6x Scope
It Would Be Better If You Can Find A 6x Scope
  • A light grip or an angled grip will be better for Mk12 which helps you open the scope faster.

Best Weapon Combo With Mk12

Mk12 is the best weapon for mid-range combat, so you need another gun to spray bullets in close-range combat. Here are some recommended weapons you should use with Mk12 to have a powerful gun combo.

  • M416: Both M416 and Mk12 use 5.56mm ammo. Using these two guns helps you save a lot of backpack space for other supplies. M416 is one of the most reliable guns which can be used to spray bullets in short and mid-range combat.
M416 And Mk12 Will Be A Powerful Weapon Combo
M416 And Mk12 Will Be A Powerful Weapon Combo
  • UZI or P90: If you cannot find an M416, UZI can be a good choice for this small map. It's the best short-range weapon with a super high rate of fire. P90 is also an ideal gun for close combat while Mk12 will eliminate the rest of the enemies.
  • DP-28: It's one of the most favorite guns for bullet spray on this map with which you can make some highlights.
  • AKM or Beryl M762: If you can control 7.62 ARs, these two weapons will be great choices to take the enemies down quickly.
Akm And Mk12
AKM can be the primary weapon to deal with close-range combat
  • Alternatively, it would be stunning if you can get an airdrop and loot some rare weapons like Mk14, Groza, AUG A3, or M249. If you use Mk12, AWM can be useless unless you are a pro sniper. Besides, this map also has some weapons with XT labels which is more powerful than normal ones.

Those are things you need to know about the exclusive weapon Mk12 gun in PUBG Mobile. To update the latest PUBG Mobile game news as well as more tips, tricks, and guide for gamers, let's visit our website.