The list of PUBG Mobile AR gun skins contains many skins for almost the assault rifles, such as SCAR-L, M16A4, AKM, QBZ, and M416. You can get these skins from crates, lucky spins, events, and Royale Pass. Check out these AR gun skins here with

Upgradable PUBG Mobile AR Gun Skins 2020

There are many upgradeable skins in PUBG Mobile. After getting those skins, you can upgrade them to get further effects. Here are many AR gun skins in the game that you can obtain and upgrade now.

Glacier M416

This is one of the hottest and most favorite gun skins in PUBG Mobile. It's also recognized as a legendary gun skin with a stunning and eye-catching appearance. The beautiful skin makes the gun look as if it was iced. This gun skin is available to receive in the classic crate.

Glacier M416
Glacier M416 gun skin level 1 is available to receive in the classic crate.

This skin is also one of the only two upgradable AR gun skins in this game now. After spending UC or using classic crate coupons to open and get this skin, you can go to the workshop to upgrade it. Glacier M416 gun skin has seven levels to upgrade, each of which brings you a different effect or appearance of the gun.

Glacier M416 Level 7
The fascinating and cool appearance of Glacier M416 At Level 7 - The Maximum Level Of This Gun Skin.

You can unlock the kill effect, kill message, on-hit effect, advanced and final forms, and also an impressive loot crate. However, you need to use a lot of paints and materials to upgrade this gun skin. This gun skin was introduced last Christmas celebration.

Upgrade In The Lab
Upgrade to unlock the kill effect, kill message, on-hit effect, advanced and final forms, and also an impressive loot crate.

A lot of players don't hesitate to invest UC to receive and level up this M416 gun skin because it's really cool.

Jack-O'-Lantern AKM Gun Skin

Like Glacier M416, Jack-o'-lantern is also un ungradable AR gun skin in PUBG Mobile. It's available to receive from the event Lucky Spin. This time-limited event will end at the end of this season. It lasts from Oct 27th to Nov 16th, 2020. After this event, this gun skin may be removed from the receivable gun skin list.

Jack O Lantern Akm Level 1
The cool appearance of Jack-O'-Lantern AKM At Level 1

Jack-O'-Lantern AKM skin is introduced during the Halloween celebration. That's why it decorated with a lot of Halloween themed patterns and colors. You also need to invest UC to draw spins and receive this fascinating AKM skin.

Jack O Latern Akm Level 7
You can upgrade the Jack-O'-Lantern AKM skins to get more amazing effects and better forms.

Keep in mind that the Lucky Spin event this Halloween will end in the middle of this month. Therefore, you need to hurry up or you'll miss this great chance to own a stunning and spooky AKM gun skin. The first single spin costs you 10 UC, but the price of later spins increases.

From Event And Lucky Spin
You also need to invest UC to draw spins and receive this fascinating AKM skin from Halloween Lucky Spin.

It's recommended that you should spend 540 UC to draw 10 spins at once to increase the chance of getting the grand prize. Moreover, it's also cheaper than you draw 10 single spins one by one. Next, you also use materials and paints to upgrade Jack-O'-Lantern AKM gun skin in the Lab.

Normal Gun Skins Of PUBG Mobile Assault Rifles

Apart from two amazing upgradable AR gun skins in the previous part, you can also receive these normal gun skins. There are seven other normal AR skins you can obtain from crates, royale pass, or Redeem shop. Check them out below:

Pink & Blue - AKM

As described in the name of the gun skin, this AKM gun skin was decorated with pink and blue colors on a white foundation. Although it's not very colorful and brilliant, Pink & Blue AKM still looks cool and fantastic. This gun skin is available to get from the classic crate.

Pink And Blue Akm
Pink & Blue AKM gun skin is very impressive with a simple design.

To open the classic crate, you need to spend UC if you don't have the crate coupons.

From Classic Crate
This time-limited gun skin can be obtained from Classic Crate.

Ragtag Goon - SCAR-L

You can also obtain this fancy SCAR-L gun skin from the Classic crate in PUBG Mobile. It will be available to receive in this game until Oct 22th, 2020.

Rag Tag Goon Scarl
Ragtag Goon for SCAR-L is a fancy and colorful AR gun skin in PUBG Mobile

Raging Chicken - QBZ

QBZ is the exclusive AR in Sanhok. You cannot upgrade this Raging Chicken gun skin for QBZ but it still worths UC or Classic crate coupons.

Raging Chicken Qbz
Raging Chicken gun skin is a fancy and stunning gun skin for QBZ.

Samurai Ops - AKM

This AKM gun skin can be obtained from Royale Pass season 15 with the theme Beyond A.C.E.

Samurai Ops Akm
You can get Samurai Ops gun skin for AKM from Royale Pass season 15.
From Royale Pass
You need to reach level 90 to get this time-limited gun skin.

Swordman - SCAR-L

This is not a time-limited AR gun skin in PUBG Mobile. You can obtain it from the Classic Crate. It also has a simple design with three colors, including blue, white, and grey.

Swordsman Scarl
Swordman gun skin for SCAR-L is a permanent skin.

Toxic - M16A4

This is the only gun skin for the 5.56mm AR that makes the gun looks cool and dangerous. That's why it's named "Toxic". It's still available in the classic crate until Nov 8th, 2020.

Toxic M16a4
The Toxic M16A4 gun skin makes the gun looks cool and dangerous.

Scarlet Horror - SCAR-L

PUBG Mobile players can use UC to open Bronze Favorites Crate and receive Scarlet Horror SCAR-L gun skin. It's also pretty hard to obtain because you also need to open Royale Pass. Besides, the more lucky points you collect, the higher chance to open this grand prize.

From Crate
This gun skin for the legendary AR gun SCAR-L is pretty rare.

Gold Plated - SCAR-L

This is the only AR gun skin you can buy with silver coins. It costs only 1500 silver fragments. This permanent gun skin looks pretty simple but impressive with a gold foundation.

Gold Plated Scarl
Gold Plated SCAR-L gun skin costs only 1500 silver coins.

Those are all PUBG Mobile AR gun skins that you can receive in this game now. To update the latest PUBG Mobile game news as well as more tips, tricks, and reviews for gamers, let's visit our website.