The 5-finger claw allows players to combine a lot of movements. However, combining too many movements can be not good at all. You should do a proper movement combo to dodge bullets and attack enemies effectively. Here are some BGMI movement tips and tricks for BGMI 5-finger claw mastery.

#1. Increase Sizes Of Important Buttons

When you play BGMI with 5-finger claw control, you can touch many buttons at once to do professional and complex movement combos. But you need to increase the size of important buttons to guarantee that your finger can touch these buttons.

Here are some important buttons that you need to use for 5-finger claw mastery.

  • Crouch & Prone: near the top left fire button. Increase their sizes and transparency.
  • Two peek buttons: in the reachable range of the right thumb.
  • Larger left fire button and aim button on the top right corner.
  • Larger and shorter joystick to make you move faster.
Recommended 5 Finger Claw Layout Setting
Recommended 5-finger claw layout setting for pro gameplay in BGMI.

Besides, you should reduce the size and transparency of unnecessary buttons, such as emotions, name boxes, free look, pin button, paint, etc. You can also use the paint button as a sub-crosshair for better aiming in hip-firing. It's a new pro headshot tip in BGMI.

#2. Handle Your Smartphone

To practice BGMI 5-finger claw control, you should place the corner of the smartphone in the palms of your hands. It makes sure that you hold the device stably. Use two ring fingers and little fingers of your two hands to prop the back of the smartphone. Then, use the thumb, index, and middle fingers to control your movements in 5-finger claw mastery.

Place The Corners Of The Phone In Your Palms
Place the corners of the phone in your palms.

#3. Master Crouch Shot And Drop Shot

The crouch shot and drop shot are the two most popular shooting skills that not only 5-finger players but 4-finger claw and 3-finger claw players also do in this shooting game. Random crouch and drop shot helps players avoid headshots when enemies place their crosshair at the head level.

Practice Crouch Shot And Prone Shot
Practice crouch shot and prone shot without moving your crosshair.

You need three fingers to do this complex combo. While your two index fingers hold the fire and aim button, you use the left thumb to tap the crouch and prone buttons randomly. When you touch the crouch or prone button, don't forget to drag your fire button up to raise the barrel to the enemy's head.

#4. Combine Crouch Shot With Peek

After mastering crouch and drop shots in BGMI, you need to combine them with peek actions. It's time for you to use the right thumb to tap the right and left peek buttons. But you should only use these peek buttons when you use the crouch shot skill. This pro movement also lets players dodge headshots when they face enemies in close combat.

Combine Crouch Shot With Peeks
Combine crouch shot with peeking actions.

After combining all these movements, you can master 5-finger claw control in BGMI and PUBG Mobile. It will help you eliminate enemies faster and stay safe from the enemy's attacks.

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