3x scope and 6x scope are the two most widely-used scopes in BGMI and PUBG Mobile. Pro players often choose them for more accurate ADS spray in mid-range combat. But which one is more efficient? Let's compare and pick up the better scope in BGMI here.

BGMI 6x Scope Vs 3x Scope

Many players often convert 6x scope to 3x scope instead of using the original 3x scope. It does not mean that 3x scope is the trash. If you can't loot a 6x scope, you should use the 3x scope instead, but 6x scope is still more preferred in BGMI due to some reasons.

  • The 6x scope has a red dot in the middle of the scope, so it's easier to aim at mid-range and long-range spray.
  • It's harder to aim with a 3x scope due to its straight line and a half-circle in the middle of the scope. Many players don't know where to place the line and circle to headshot enemies.
6x Is Easier To Aim
6x is easier to aim.
  • Besides, 6x scope has a longer range than 3x scope. Then, you can see the enemies at a longer distance.
  • Moreover, BGMI allows players to reduce the magnification level of 6x scope to 3x. Therefore, it's more versatile. If you spray bullets in short and mid-range combat, you should minimize the magnification.
Adjust 6x Scope
You can adjust the magnification of the 6x scope.

However, you need to choose the proper scope for certain weapons based on the recoil and effective range. For example, if you spray bullets with an Mk14 and 6x scope in short-range and mid-range combat, all the bullets will fly to the sky. Therefore, you should convert the 6x scope to 3x or use an original 3x scope for high-recoil weapons.

How To Use 6x Scope Efficiently?

Obviously, 6x scope is more powered than 3x scope. With this better scope in BGMI, you have different levels of magnification by dragging the magnification bar. Here are some tips to use a 6x scope effectively.

  • Use 6x scope for stable weapons to spray bullets in mid and long-range combat, such as M416, SCAR-L, and other 5.56 rifles. Pro players often use the combination of M416 and 6x scope.
M416 And 6x Scope
M416 and 6x Scope.
  • If you are a sniper, you should have at least one 6x scope in your backpack. BGMI has a quick scope switch button for you to change the scope without having to open the backpack.
  • If you play the role of an assaulter in PUBG Mobile and BGMI, you should loot a red dot for face-to-face combat and a 6x scope for short and mid-range spray.

When To Use 3x Scope?

Although 6x scope is the better scope in BGMI, 3x scope is still good in some situations. It's obviously more popular and easier to find than 6x scope. Therefore, you can loot it when you haven't got the 6x scope. Besides, you should use the 3x scope when you use 7.62 rifles, such as AKM and Beryl M762. The 3x scope is lightly easier to control when praying with high-recoil weapons.

When To Use 3x Scope
You can use 3x scope in the mid-range spray.

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