Battlegrounds Mobile India app on iOS is finally available on the App Store for iPad and iPhone after months of anticipation. The game has been up for grabs for Android users ever since mid-June and even earlier than that for pre-registration. Krafton had been teasing BGMI's iOS launch for quite a period and it has now arrived. For those who are looking for BGMI iOS download link, this instruction is just what they need.

Bgmi Ios Download Link
How do you get BGMI on iOS? Here's the complete guide for all that matters.

BGMI release date in iOS

BGMI has been a massive hit among the Indian gamer community within 2 months of launch on Android platforms. The fact that the Krafton devs introduced it on the Playstore has sparked speculations among Apple users, too.

In fact, there was a confirmation call from the developers regarding that the launch of BGMI iOS, saying they were considering the favorable reviews gained from the Android version. "When will BGMI release in iOS?" was the question that troubled every iOS user who loves Battlegrounds Mobile India.

With an upgrade in charged this time. the corporation has eventually released the BGMI iOS version on August 18, 2021.

How to download Battlegrounds Mobile India on iOS


The BGMI iOS version is up for download on the Apple App Store. For the unknown, the BGMI on iOS size is about 1.9GB and you need to make sure your iPhone is running iOS 11.0 or higher in order to download the game.

Krafton also notes that at least 2GB RAM is in need for the BGMI to run. The newest release has been rated 17+ while the listing also states it features “Frequent/Intense Realistic Violence”. This is something Krafton did to avoid the same happening to the PUBG ban in India.

when will bgmi release in iOS
The game was available for early-access download in June, followed by an official launch in July on Android smartphones.

Steps to download BGMI iOS

With the BGMI iOS download link, you only have to follow these steps to know how to download the BGMI iOS version:

  • Every game enthusiast must head to the Battlegrounds Mobile India official website.
  • As they see the BGMI homepage showing up, you will see "Download on the App Store" on the left or "iOS Download" on the top-right screen.
  • Choose either of these options and it will redirect you to the Apple iOS store.
  • Now just click the install option and you will see the iOS version being downloaded to the device.

All in all, you can either follow the above steps, which may sound lengthy but cannot be simpler. After the redirection to the App Store listing, choose "Get", authenticate yourself with Face ID or your Apple ID credentials, and you will be good to go.

Bgmi Official Web
BGMI official website

Moreover, Krafton has also announced that iPhone players may stumble upon a little hassle upon logging in due to some maintenance. The maintenance will likely expire by 9:40 hour IST. During the maintenance, accounts linked with Apple ID won't be able to log in.

Rewards when downloading BGMI on IOS

Meanwhile, BGMI has already surpassed 50 million downloads after its release. To celebrate this milestone, the game developers have granted players the permanent Galaxy Messenger Set along with other rewards. iOS players can also download the app on their platform to receive these rewards.

Apart from the gift for the 50M Downloads Rewards event, they will get many welcome rewards like Recon Outfit, Recon Mask, 300AG in-game currency, and the Celebration Expert Title.

Welcome Gift
Enjoy the game on iOS and get the best welcome rewards as well!

BGMI iOS expected upgrade

Same as the Android version of BGMI, fans expected the iOS app will have a load of updated features compared to the yesteryear PUBG. You can see a number of feature updates below:

  • Pochinki is no longer. A new map called KARAKIN is the location of Battleground.
  • A brand-new Arena Map of HANGAR is available for new training, tactics, and deathmatches.
  • There is also more detail in the Battle experience and there is an availability of new weapons and items in the artillery.
The game also sees multiple updates for players to experience.

BGMI iOS customer support

All gamers, regardless of Android users or iOS ones, can contact BGMI Customer support service for the problems they might come across. From server connection errors, purchase-related problems, general queries, system download issues, to cheater reports, they can visit the Battlegrounds Mobile India support page for inquiries and solutions.

There you have had everything you need regarding the BGMI iOS download link and how to get the best rewards possible. Stay tuned to for more updates in the future!

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