Micro Uzi is a very popular SMG in PUBG Mobile and BGMI. In fact, it usually makes it near the top rank in many lists for best submachine guns in the game. So when and why should you use this weapon and most importantly, how to properly use the Micro Uzi? Here are all Micro Uzi tips and tricks you need to know.

Micro Uzi Gun
Micro Uzi has always topped as one of the best SMGs.

When to use Micro Uzi

The Uzi has a plethora of benefits. Currently, it's the god-tier weapon for close-range combat not only for its capability of shooting 24 bullets in a split second but also for the low amount of recoil.

It is a weapon that you will easily find in all the BGMI available maps.

Although its damage is low, the gun has a high accuracy for hip-fire and can shoot twice as many bullets as compared to other weapons in the same amount of time.

Micro Uzi
Micro Uzi is best used in close-range fights.

Why should we use Uzi?

Uzi’s performance will explain why you should use it in the game.

Hip fire accuracy

When we compare the hip fire performance among all the SMGs, Uzi clearly has low recoil and also less bullet spread. This makes it the most accurate weapon while hip firing.

Fast fire rate

For the unknown, Micro Uzi’s rate of fire is the fastest in any fully automatic gun. Its performance remains the same while aiming down sight or basically zoomed in with a scope or iron sight.

Uzi in BGMI
If players take an uzi with them, they can easily dominate the assault rifles in close range.

Ammo availability

The uzi is a nine millimeters ammunition which that makes the ammo availability very high.

This low-weight ammunition is only half the weight of the 7.62, so you will have more inventory space for other things like grenade smokes.

Note: There are some setbacks to this weapon. As it can shoot almost 23 to 24 bullets in just a second, you can miss many shots if misplace your crosshair for a second. Apart from that, it is only limited to only close-quarter fights like any other SMG.

Micro Uzi Bgmi
These Micro Uzi tips and tricks will help you make the best use of the gun.

How to use Micro Uzi

When it comes to Micro Uzi tips and tricks in BGMI, we need the optimal attachments to put on it. Here are the best attachments for Micro Uzi.

  • If you're an FPP player, using a compensator is not recommended as it doesn't eliminate the muzzle flash. The flash may block half of your view while firing at your enemy. A flash hider or a suppressor will be the better choice.
  • If you're not a first-person player then compensator is your best muzzle attachment as it offers the most recoil reduction by around ten to fifteen percent and following up by flash hider five to ten percent recoil reduction.
  • Extended mag or extended mag quick draw: Extended mag expands the ammo capacity from 25 to 35 rounds for each load.
  • UZI and Deagle make one of the best gun combos for TDM mode in the game.
  • Moreover, it is ideal to use an M416 with an Uzi. While Uzi will take care of the close-quarter fights, M4 will handle the mid to long-range.

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