Headshot is the fastest and coolest way to take enemies down in BGMI and PUBG Mobile. You must have an insane aiming skill or a pro tip to headshot. Here's a new pro headshot tip in BGMI you may need.

New Pro Headshot Tip In BGMI

Hip-firing is always highly recommended in close combat. However, the gun recoil often makes the bullet spread widely when you spray. Consequently, the accuracy also decreased a lot. To make more bullets reach the target accurately, you have to make your crosshair stable. It's also the key to headshot enemies.

Headshot Tip
New headshot tip in BGMI.

There is a new pr headshot tip to make your bullets more accurate when hip-firing. It helps increase the chance of successful headshots in the close-range spray. Follow these steps to do it.

  • Go to the control setting and choose a useless button to make it work as a supporting crosshair. The paint button is a great choice.
  • Put this button right below the crosshair. Adjust its placement so that it's right under the crosshair.
  • Then, aim to the target with the help of this supporting button.
Place A Useless Button Below The Crosshair
Place a useless button below the crosshair

This button will help you keep the crosshair stable and keep it reach the head of the enemies when you spray bullets. You need to keep the paint button at the chest level so that the crosshair sticks to the head of the target. However, this trick only works in close combat and when you are hip-firing.

Practice In The Playload Mode
Practice in the Payload mode.

How To Master New Headshot Tip?

Before entering the real classic match, BGMI should practice it on the arcade and Payload modes. If you try this new tip without practicing, the new button may make you confuse about the crosshair placement. You can also count the headshots you make with this new tip. Then, your aiming and reflex skills are also improved.

When you can use it smoothly, you can start to play the classic mode. Moreover, playing in the arcade and Payload modes also helps increase the headshot accuracy. This game mode gives you the most similar feeling to the classic game mode but it does not matter to your rank.

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