BGMI update 1.6 release date will be on September 16th, 2021. The new version of PUBG Mobile has come yesterday and introduced many new interesting features. Check out some new content of the current update here.

BGMI New Update 1.6 Release Date

The upcoming version 1.6 of PUBG Mobile has arrived on September 14th but BGMI 1.6 update will arrive on September 16th. There are a lot of exciting game modes. Moreover, we also welcome old game modes to come back to the game in this version. Try to complete all achievement missions of the old event or game mode before it's removed from the game to earn attractive rewards.

Besides, the new RP season will arrive right before the release date of the new version. The BGMI new season release date will fall between September 17th and 19th. From the previous update, the game has changed the mechanism of Royale Pass. PUBG Mobile and BGMI's RP will be updated every month instead of every 2 months like previously.

Pubg Mobile 1 6 Patch Returning Modes Metro Royale
There are a lot of returning game modes in this version that come later.

Patch Notes Of BGMI New Update 1.6

The upcoming 1.6 version of PUBG Mobile global and BGMI in 2021 will bring a lot of interesting features, including a new game mode, a remastered map, and some returning game modes.

#1. New Game Mode: Flora Menace

The first and most anticipated feature in BGMI New Update 1.6 must be the Flora Menace mode. It will definitely blow off our minds. To make the game more futuristic, stunning, and fascinating, the game developers are adding this new game mode to Erangel. And it's available on this map only.

New Game Mode
Flora Menace is a new game mode on Erangel from September 14th to November 15th.

You can see and experience many new additions in Flora Menace that make the gameplay more exciting and interesting than the classic ranked mode. According to the storyline of this new battle royale mode, alien plants call Yarilo have invaded Erangel, especially the major urban area of this island after absorbing the special energy. Then, these plants create Rejuvenation Barriers that have healing powers.

Yarilo Invasion
You need to surive from Yarilo invasion on Erangel.

The Cell Matrix is a big spaceship that humans created with the hope of escaping. However, the invasion has made it go out of control. As a survivor of Erangel, you have to investigate this ship and reclaim the energy on it. However, Flora Menace is a PvP mode, so you have to combat to stay alive. Don't forget to loot weapons and supplies on the ship. DynaHex Supplies will give you better supplies to have more advantage in the battle.

#2. Vikendi 2.0

Another anticipated feature in the upcoming update 1.6 in BGMI is the new map Vikendi 2.0. This remastered map is obviously more stunning and realistic than available maps in BGMI. Moreover, the game developers seemed to bring the map Vikendi 2.0 from the PC version to this new version of PUBG Mobile and BGMI.

Vikendi 2 0
Vikendi 2.0 is back with a more stunning look and many new features.

You can see the automatic trains running around the map. Besides, this snow island has more trees and less snow on the ground. The Dino Park is also remade, so it looks more beautiful. It has more modern compounds where intense combat will take place more often. While the old Dino Park was too sparsely designed, the new one will be a hot destination on this new map.

Dino Park
The new Dino Park is more stunning and modern now.

#3. Returning Game Modes

There are some old game modes that will come back to BGMI and PUBG Mobile in Update 1.6. Many of them are totally new in BGMI because this new game has been released this summer while some modes were removed from PUBG Mobile after the Halloween update.

  • Metro Royale Reunion: The old survival game mode will come back with some improvements in many parts of Metro Royale. Players still need to explore the map and loot supplies to sell them at the market to earn cash and buy better weapons and gear.
Metro Royale Reunion
Earn cash from selling loots and buy better gears.
  • Titans - Last Stand: You had a chance to experience this game mode in the Kong and Godzilla update in the past. It's a story mode in which four players will spawn on a big ship and witness the titan fight of Kong and Godzilla against Mechagodzilla.
Titans Last Stand
See Titans again in Titans - Last Stand mode.
  • Survive Till Dawn: A lot of BGMI players haven't experienced this PvE and PvP mode. However, those switching to this game from PUBG Mobile might have played it before. In Survive Till Dawn, players have to fight off or escape from zombies to stay alive until all enemies die. You are supplied weapons, armor, medkits, and some other necessary things to survive. Apart from zombies, players also have to kill other human enemies to win.
Survive Till Dawn
Get ready for creepy battle in Survive Till Dawn this Halloween.
  • Payload 2.0: This is an old game mode in PUBG Mobile with many heavy weapons. Players can experience and play with rocket launchers, helicopters, armored vehicles, etc. The battleground will be hotter and more dangerous due to those Super Weapons.
Payload 2 0 Is Back
The Super Weapon mode Payload 2.0 is back.
  • Infection Mode: It's another zombie mode in BGMI update 1.6 but you can be the zombie. Two teams of player-controlled zombies and player-controlled Defenders will battle. Each match has three rounds. Each round lasts 3 minutes and 25 seconds. Zombie players have to attack Defenders with melee attacks and make them infected within 3 minutes. Infected players are chosen randomly within 25 seconds.
Infection Mode Is Also Coming Back
Infection Mode is also coming back this Halloween.
  • Runic Power: It was a special game mode in Erangel in PUBG Mobile 1.2. After that update, Runic Power mode was removed. In the current version BGMI 1.6, the game developers brought it again. There are three runes with different skills, including Wind Rune, Ice Rune, and Flame Rune. You can choose one of three Runes and receive its two powers which can be speed buff, damage buff, and defense buff, etc.
Runic Power
Runic Power mode is also coming back in this version.
  • VS AI: This new game mode takes place on the map Livik. There are two levels of difficulty, including Easy and Normal. Both of them are in the Beta test. In VS AI, players will team up with other players to fight against an AI team. But these AI players are more dangerous than bots. Don't underestimate them.

BGMI New Update 1.6 Download

You can download the new version after the official BGMI update 1.6 release date.

Go to the official website of Battlegrounds Mobile India and tap on the download button. Then, you can get the latest version of the game with the newest content. Or else, you can get the new update from Google Play Store.

Pubg Mobile 1 6
PUBG Mobile & BGMI 1.6 are available to download on Google Play Store now.

PUBG Mobile players can update the new version on Google Play Store or App Store today. BGMI players can also go to Google Play Store to download this update. It's not recommended to download the game from third-party providers or you may be recognized as a cheater. KRAFTON has banned a lot of accounts for cheating. Playing this game with a third-party app is also recognize as a cheat in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile & BGMI New Season

The new season C1S2 in BGMI will finish tomorrow, September 16th. The next season with the theme Chef’s Special is coming soon. There are a lot of new themed skins, such as the Farm Fresh Set and the Deep Fried Set. Both of them are really adorable and stunning. The Lone Wolf Set is very cool with a mysterious style. Moreover, there are dozens of new parachute skins, plane finishes, backpack skins, weapon skins, ornaments, and new emotes in the Free and Elite Royale Pass.

The price and mechanism of BGMI and PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Month 3 are not different from BGMI Royal Pass Month 1. It still costs players 360UC to 960UC per season for Elite Pass and Elite Pass Plus. The free pass costs you nothing.

Pubg Mobile Roylae Pass Season 3
Both the Farm Fresh Set and the Deep Fried Set in the new RP season month 3 are stunning and adorable.

Let's download the update and experience the new version on the BGMI update 1.6 release date today. There are a lot of new features to enjoy in this new version.

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