FAMAS in BGMI is a new powerful assault rifle (AR) of Battlegrounds Mobile India. This AR uses 5.56mm ammo. To master this gun and play better, you should understand this weapon and know some tips and tricks to use FAMAS effectively.


Pubg Mobile Famas Location Guide
FAMAS is the exclusive weapon on the map Livik.

FAMAS in BGMI - Which map is it?

FAMAS is the exclusive weapon on the map Livik. Therefore, you can only find it on Livik in the classic mode. If you want to practice this gun, you can play on the training ground or TDM mode. You can always find FAMAS on the training ground and TDM maps.

Here are the best locations to find FAMAS in Livik that you should head to.

#1. Blomster

Blomster is rich in loots. You can loot a lot of high-tier weapons and supplies here, including FAMAS. Apart from FAMAS, this location has a lot of ARs, such as M416, SCAR-L, AKM, Beryl M762, new M249, etc. Therefore, Blomster is a favorite drop location of assaulters in BGMI and PUBG Mobile.

It's very easy to find FAMAS in any house in Blomster. You can gear up quickly and engage early. It's a good place to improve your assaulting skills.

You can find FAMAS easily in Blomster and attachments

#2. Midstein

Midstein is often a hot-drop location on Livik. Moreover, the spawn rate of FAMAS in this location is very high. You can find around four to five or more FAMAS in Midstein.

As Midstein is also one of the best loot locations on this small map, there are often two to three teams landing there for loots and early combat.

Famas Looks
The spawn rate of FAMAS in Midstein is very high.

Best attachments for FAMAS in BMGI

FAMAS has pretty high recoil due to its high rate of fire. Therefore, it's pretty hard to keep it stable when spraying bullets without attachments. Therefore, you should find enough attachment for this gun to increase its accuracy and stability. Here are the best attachments for FAMAS that help you handle this gun better.

Famas Guide
You should find enough attachment for this gun to make it stable.

#1. Sight/Scope

As FAMAS is an AR, it's most effective in close-range combat. Therefore, you should only use short-range scopes for this weapon.

  • Canted Sight + 2x Scope
  • 2x Scope
  • Red Dot

Due to high recoil, you shouldn't use hip-fire except for panic situations. A red dot can work well in face-to-face combat. In the 50-meter range, a 2x scope is the best choice for ADS mode. Larger scopes like 3x, 4x, and 6x will make the barrel choke up. It makes the gun more difficult to handle.

Famas Attachments
Red Dot is the best scope attachment for FAMAS.

#2. Magazine

FAMAS cannot hold a large number of bullets in its default magazine. Although it's powerful, the small ammo capacity still makes this gun less preferred than other ARs, such as SCAR-L and M416. Therefore, you need to find a magazine for it. The extended quickdraw mag (AR) and extended mag (AR) are the two best choices for FAMAS in BGMI.

Famas Magazine
You need the extended quickdraw mag (AR) to increase the ammo capacity of this AR.

#3. Muzzle

The best muzzle will help you handle the gun recoil better. It keeps the barrel more stable and reduces the bullet spread, especially when you spray bullets with hip fire.

  • Suppressor
  • Flash Hider
  • Compensator

Base on your purpose, choose one of these three muzzles for your FAMAS. If you are the last man standing in your team and you want to play like a snake, the suppressor is a good choice. If you are a tanker in your squad team, choose a compensator or flash hider to make the barrel more stable and make the gun reliable.

Famas Recoil
The best muzzle will help you handle the gun recoil better.

Tips to master FAMAS in BGMI

FAMAS is a must-use gun in weapon combos to get Chicken Dinner in Livik due to its super-high rate of fire. Besides, FAMAS is also a gun in the RP mission which required players to hit enemies with the FAMAS 80 times in Classic Mode. Therefore, you need to master this weapon when playing on Livik.

Here are some tips to play better with FAMAS.

#1. Practice FAMAS without attachments

Practice shooting FAMAS without attachments in TDM mode to master its recoil. Make sure that the K/D ratio is always the positive number in TDM mode. Then, practice it with a set of random attachments before equipping the best attachments for it. This tip helps you handle this gun well even when you can't loot any equipment in classic matches.

Practice Famas
Practice shooting FAMAS without attachments in the training ground.

#2. Master ADS with red dot

Reflex is often the most important element to win panic situations and face-to-face combat. You need to react faster than enemies to win. Therefore, hip-fire is often recommended. However, shooting with the hip-fire mode in FAMAS may make you miss the target. Therefore, you should master ADS with a red dot to react quickly with this gun.

#3. Use drop shot/ crouch shot

FAMAS has a pair of bipods that keep its barrel stable when praying in the prone pose. However, you cannot keep the prone pose during close combat or you may die soon. Instead, use drop shot in 1v1 situations and crouch shot when countering more than 2 enemies. Crouch and prone help reduce the gun recoil better.

Prone To Shoot
Use drop shot to spray and headshot.

Those are all the best tips to master FAMAS in BGMI. Let's practice to master this exclusive AR and eliminate enemies on Livik.

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