PUBG Mobile has introduced a totally new exclusive weapon on the map Livik: FAMAS. It's also the third exclusive weapon on this map. Here are things you need to know about this new gun.

PUBG Mobile New FAMAS In Livik

This new gun use 5.56mm ammo. It has a default ammo clip of 25 bullets per load. With an extended mag, it's expanded to 35 bullets per load. It's pretty smaller than both M416 and SCAR-L which contain 30 to 40 bullets per load.

Famas Looks
FAMAS is a new exclusive weapon in Livik.
Famas On The Map
You can easily find it in most compounds and houses on this map.

This weapon is very stable. It's also the most silent gun among all assault rifles. Therefore, you don't need to find a compensator or suppressor to make it less recoil or noisy. It has four attachment slots for the muzzle, sight/scope, mag, and canted sight.

Famas Attachments
FAMAS has fewer attachment slots than M416 and SCAR-L.

In addition, this new weapon has three modes of fire, including single, burst, and full-auto. FAMAS also has a high rate of fire. Therefore, its power will not be smaller than the two other 5.56 ARs on this map.

Famas Single Mode
FAMAS has single, burst, and full-auto firing modes.

It has a high iron sight which is pretty similar to the iron sight of SCAR-L. It helps you aim and shoot the enemies in short and mid-range combat more accurately. Many PUBG Mobile players prefer this iron sight to the flat iron sight of M416.

Famas Iron Sight
The iron sight of FAMAS is pretty similar to that of SCAR-L.

Moreover, FAMAS also has a bipod to make it more stable when you lie to shoot. If you cannot find your favorite DMRs to deal with mid-range targets, you can use FAMAS with a 3x, 4x, or 6x scope to lie and tap to kill enemies from a rooftop or high place.

Famas Bipod
FAMAS has a bipod like DP-28 and Mk12.

In short, this new gun is stable, reliable, and easy to find and use. Despite its small mag size, it's still a worth-equipping weapon in this new update when you play on the map Livik.