PUBG Mobile has introduced a new update with a new mode - Runic Power. It brings new gameplay and many new weapons. Check out the gameplay, rule, and some tips to play and win this new game mode here.

PUBG Mobile New Runic Power Mode

This new game mode is available on the map Erangel. To play this new Runic Power mode, you need to activate it in the Select Mode section. Then, find a match to join. When entering the match, you will select the runic power on the spawn island. Choose a rune to get the power to use from three powers, including Wind Rune, Magma Rune, and Arctic Rune.

Select A Rune Power
Select A Rune Power Based On Your Squad Role Or Strategy.
Receive The Power
PUBG Mobile players will receive the power to use in the spawn island.

Next, the plane will drop you on the battleground. You will have 100 rune crystals to use the power, including 50 for the attacking power and 50 crystals for defending power. Each time you use a power, you have to use five to ten rune crystals. Don't worry because there are a lot of rune crystals to loot on the map. Therefore, don't save it because you can loot the crystals unlimitedly.

Loot Aupplies And Rune Crystals
You can loot the rune crystal on the map to activate the power.
Rune Crystals
So, it's unnecessary to use the crystals sparingly.

The rune crystal can be used for all powers. To win in this new game mode, you should choose the right rune power to use based on your game strategy and squad role. If you are an aggressive player, the Magma Rune is a nice choice for you.

Use The Power
You need to use 5 or 10 crystals to activate one power.
Defending Power
Players are provided with 100 crystals right after landing on the map.

If you prefer defensive gameplay and want to play safely, you should choose the Arctic Rune to use Ice Wall for defending. The Wind Rune will be a recommended power for squad fraggers and scouts. Always loot rune crystals when you see them and use the powers so that you won't lose the combat.