PUBG Mobile players are playing better days by days. They have more tips and skills to make highlights and get Chicken Dinner in this game. Check out the latest tips in PUBG Mobile 2021 here.

#1. Molotov Tip

Molotov is one of the most useful throwable weapons in PUBG Mobile. It can make a fire and burn the enemies in about 9 seconds to death. You can also throw a Molotov to the door to block the entrance. Then, you can sit insides the room and use a first aid kit to heal 75% of the health bar.

Use Molotov To Block Enemies
Use Molotov To Block Enemies And Make More Time To Heal Or Reload.

The target getting the fire will get damaged if he does not leave the area of the fire. Therefore, you can use this throwable to force the opponent to leave his corner of ambush. However, if you don't want to be killed by a Molotov, you should keep your health bar full or nearly full.

Make The Enemies Weaker
Make The Enemies Weaker

#2. First Bullet Tip

In most ARs, the first bullet jump often makes the aim not accurate which we often call "vertical recoil". It makes the gap between the first and second bullet pretty large. Therefore, if you aim accurately at the target's head, the net bullets will fly over his head and land on the ground.

Aim To The Body
Aim To The Body To Make Later Bullets Accurate

To make all bullets accurate, place the crosshair at the foot of the enemies. Then, the later bullets will fall into the enemy's chess and head to knock him down quickly.

First Bullet Jump
The gap between the first and second bullet is large.

#3. Aim Assist Tip

After many experiments and real matches, many PUBG Mobile players including me realize that the aim assists work better when the target is standing. If the enemy is couching or lying, it is not as accurate as expected. Therefore, you should crouch or lie when healing or spraying so that the aim assist feature of enemies doesn't work well.

Aim Assists
Aim Assists feature works better with enemies standing.

#4. Mark Line Tip

A recent update of PUBG Mobile introduced the mark lines in the mini-map. You should use this feature to remember the route and plan you have drawn on the spawn island. To use this new tool, you open th mini-map on the spawn island, click on the mark button to switch to the route feature.

Mark Line
Use the mark lines to remember the route

Then, you should draw the plane line to remember it and determine the potential hot-drop locations.

#5. Tip To Shoot From Moving Car

This is one of the pro tips for PUBG Mobile players. Pro players can drill to fire from vehicles. You can shoot from most of the vehicles except for the 2-seat motorbike. To drill to shoot from moving vehicles, you should choose stable guns, such as M416, Vector, and UZI.

Shoot From Moving Cars
Practice To Shoot From Moving Cars

Practice with a random target, such as a rock and tree to master the gun recoil. Then, you can drill to shoot down the enemies from a moving car.