PUBG studio is developing the 2.0 version of PlayerUnknown's Battleground. Besides, PUBG Mobile 2 is also under development progress. PUBG Corp confirmed these rumors and the coming of PUBG 2 this year.

PUBG 2 And PUBG Mobile 2 Are Under Development

Recently, PUBG Corp. confirmed the coming of PUBG 2. This game is under the development process. The leak many days ago of Data Miner PlayerIGN posted a screenshot picture that attracted a lot of attention of the PUBG community. It's thought to be the announcement of Krafton about the coming of PUBG 2 and PUBG Mobile 2.

Pubg 2
Krafton confirmed that PUBG 2 was under development.

The global announcement will be published in the first haft of this year. According to this leaker, this game studio hid this project under the name ProkectXRTM and disclaimed its relation with the game PUBG to put players off the scent. The game publisher will announce these new games in the next quarter of this year.

May Players Hope It To Be An Upgraded Version
May Players Hope It To Be An Upgraded Version

PUBG 2 will have the cross-platform feature to let plays on PC and console play together. Besides, Tencent will still be the developer and provider of PUBG Mobile 2 after they successfully release and develop PUBG Mobile.

Pubg Mobile 2
Tencent will be the developer of PUBG Mobile 2

The next version of PUBG will run on Unreal Engine 4 to bring players a smooth gaming experience. PUBG Corp. is attempting to bring this game franchise to the heyday as it was in 2018. The PUBG and PUBG Mobile teams are working hard to update their games, introduce new maps, vehicles, weapons, and attachments.

Pubg Corp Will Annouce Soon
PUBG Corp Will Announce These Projects Soon

Many players think the game studio should concentrate on optimize and upgrade the current version instead of developing a new game. Meanwhile, many hope that these next versions will have better quality in graphics and security. Moreover, players also hope the game developers will clear hackers and cheaters to make the game more clear.