PUBG Mobile has launched Icicle Mini 14 Lucky Spin with a lot of rewards. The Icicle skin for the legendary DMR Mini 14 is the grand prize for players in this lucky spin. Moreover, you can upgrade this skin to get further special effects. Check it out here.

PUBG Mobile Icicle Mini 14 Lucky Spin

The Icicle Lucky Spin is available to play between Jan 3rd to 23rd, 2021. It has some normal prizes and some grand prizes. The most-wished prize from this lucky spin is the Icicle Mini 14 gun skin.

Lucky Spin
Icicle Lucky Spin

Like other Lucky Spins in this game, you need to use UC to spin and try your luck. The first spin of the day costs 10 UC and the price of later spins also increases.

Icicle Skin
Icicle Mini-14 Gun Skin Is The Grand Prize Of This Spin
Icicle Deaths Crate
It's an upgradable gun skin

Apart from this gun skin, you can also receive some rare bundles, such as the Snowflake Dancer Set and the Captivating Reindeer Set. Besides, there is a Green Blessings headgear and a Reindeer ornament that bring the Winter Festival atmosphere to the battleground.

Snowflake Bundle
Snowflake Dancer Set
Captivating Reindeer
Captivating Reindeer Set

When your luck reaches 200 points, you are guaranteed to get this gun skin. Then, go to the workshop to upgrade this skin to obtain more special effects. Like most of PUBG Mobile weapon skins, Icicle also has 7 levels to upgrade. The basic appearance is unlocked when you get this rare skin.

Icicle Kill Message
Icicle Kill Message Effect

Then, you can use paints and materials you get from the Lucky Spin and shops to upgrade this skin to unlock further effects. The next levels include the kill effect, kill message, advance form, firearm ornament, final form, and loot crate effects.

Icicle Final Form
Icicle Final Form
Icicle Loot Crate
Icicle Loot Crate

The Spin also gifts players paints and materials when they reach milestones of spin counts. You can obtain them in the line of Prize Drawn on the left of the screen.