Creating a blank name for PUBG Mobile is a trick to hide your name in this game and play like an anonymous assassin. Check out the guide on how to create a blank name in PUBG Mobile here with

How To Create A Blank Name For PUBG Mobile?

You may see many players with a blank name when playing PUBG Mobile. It's cool and impressive. Moreover, you can hide your name so that other players won't know who you are. First, you need to create this name right when you are creating a new account or you will need a name change card.

Pubg Mobile Blank Name
PUBG Mobile Players Can Create A Blank Name

Then, you will type the new name into the name box. The new name should contain special symbols, including ī, ē, and ū. You can combine these symbols in different orders until the new name is accepted. These characters are invisible in this game. However, the symbol ā is visible. The new name cannot contain fewer than three and more than seven special letters.

Hide Your Name
Hide Your Name If You Don't Have Any Special Nick Name

Therefore, you should combine about five to six special letters in a unique order to have a unique name. Moreover, you can use capslock letters randomly so that your new name won't be duplicated. You can also use this trick to create a blank space for the PUBG name on the mobile version.

Use Special Letters
Use Special Letters To Make Your Name Invisible

To enter these special letters, you touch and hold your finger on the letter buttons on the phone screen. Then, the suggesting letters will be displayed. Hold and wipe to touch the buttons of special characters. Then, you can check out the new name in the name box. Check out whether you type a visible symbol or not.

How To Get Rename Card In PUBG Mobile?

New players can complete progress missions to get a free rename card in level 10. Or else, you can buy it in the treasure shop with 180UC. Or else, the game system will rewards returners with a rename card when they complete many returner's missions. Before that, players have to log out of the game for at least 30 days before returning to PUBG Mobile.

Rename Card
Get Rename Card To Change Your Name

Then, the rename card will be sent to your inventory. When you want to change your in-game name, go to the inventory, and locate the rename card there. Then, tab to the button "Use" and type the name. These special characters are visible in the keyboard box but invisible in the rename card. Before tapping on the button "Done", check out whether there is any visible character on the name card or not.

The order you arrange these symbols can be taken first. You need to try other orders or use caps-locked letters until you got a unique name. The name suggested on other websites can be taken by other players already. So, use your new arrangements and try your luck to have a blank name.

How To Make Your Name Renowned In PUBG Mobile?

To put your PUBG Mobile blank name in a higher position on the leader board of this game, you should rank up fast and reach the Conqueror tier as soon as possible. You need to be one of th first 500 players reaching Ace in your server. It's necessary to have some strategies to push rank in this game.

  • Push rank early right from the beginning of the season. It's time to earn more rank points from wins and kills when you meet more bots than real players. It's because your rank is dropped to a lower tier.
Know The Map Well
Know The Map Well To Push Rank
  • Engage early in lower-tier rank and engage later when you reach a higher rank. For example, you are at the Platinum tier, you will encounter more bots at the beginning of the match. If you have good skills and play carefully at the later period of the match, it's easy to get Chicken Dinner. However, when you reach Diamond or above, most enemies you encounter in the match are real players. You need to know when to engage and make sure that you are well prepared before combat.
Play With Permanent Teammates
Play With Permanent Teammates To Support Each Other And Avoid Dying Soon
  • Choose only one map and one game mode to push rank. The best map to push rank in PUBG Mobile includes Erangel and Livik. A match in Livik is very short, so you will lose fewer rank points when you make mistake and die soon. Meanwhile, Erangel is a large map, so you can find more places to hide and survive and earn more rank points.
Stick To Your Team
Stick To Your Team And Have A Good Plan And Preparation For Combat
  • You should push rank in duo or squad mode. If you make mistake and let your enemy knock you down, your teammate and revive you and cover you in time. Then, you can correct it and live longer to earn more survival points after each match. In solo mode, you will die right away and go back to the lobby immediately. Moreover, it's highly recommended to play with your permanent teammates so that they will support and help you instead of going alone.
More Bots In Erangel
You Will Encounter More Bots In Erangel
  • Loot more decent weapons and supplies because you also earn some rank points for better loots.
  • Cause more damage by confirming kills of other players or knock the enemies down even when you cannot confirm kills. The more damage you cause, the higher rank points you get.
  • The moving distance in the game will also affect the result and rank points.

Those are tricks to create a blank name for PUBG Mobile players and more tips to make your name renowned in the leader board. To update the latest PUBG Mobile game news as well as more tips, tricks, and guides for gamers, let's visit our website.