M416 with 6x scope is a pro combo for mid-range spray in PUBG Mobile. This combo is the most versatile and effective combo for every range of combat. Check it out here with Gurugamer.com.

Mater PUBG Mobile M416 With 6X Scope

PUBG Mobile M416 is the most stable, balanced, and versatile in this game. You can use it in short and mid-range combat. You can also use it for long-range engagements with a 6x scope. This gun does not support a larger scope attachment. Therefore, a 6x scope is the largest scope attachment you can use for this gun.

M416 And 6x Scope
You can also use M416 for long-range engagements with a 6x scope.

Moreover, you can zoom it in to use this scope as a 3x scope for spray bullets in mid-range combat. However, you should lean left or right to peek and spray in a crouching pose to reduce the vertical recoil. In addition, it's the best combo for in-game leaders who often go in the middle of the squad and support other teammates from behind.

M416 And 6x Combo For Pro Players
This is an useful and versatile combo for pro players.

Besides, PUBG Mobile players can also use this gun for long-range combat. However, you should switch to the single tap fire mode to make the bullet lines more accurate. Then, you can use this gun to tap like a DMR. You should zoo out 6x scope and increase the magnification of 6x from 3x magnification to 6x magnification based on the distance between you and the target.

Peek And Fire
Peek And Fire To Reduce Recoil

Moreover, you should attach a compensator to make the aim more stable than when using a flash hider and suppressor. You should use a half grip to open the scope faster. Peek and crouch to spray bullets with lower recoil than standing fire.

Tap To Fire In Long Range Combat
Tap To Fire In Long-Range Combat

The recommended sensitivity level is about 30% for 3x magnification and 15 - 17% for 6x magnification. Then, practice it more in the training room with standing-still and moving targets.