PUBG Mobile has a lot of scope attachments for different ranges of combat, from short to mid and long-range combat. Which is the best scope in this game?

Best Scope In PUBG Mobile

Pro players can use one scope for all ranges of combat. But you can also use different scopes for different ranges of combat.

  • The best scope for close combat is the red dot. You can use it for both tapping or praying bullets. However, you shouldn't use the scope for pistol and shotgun.
Pubg Mobile Red Dot
Red Dot is the best scope for close fights.
  • The red dot is more preferred than the holographic sight because of the thinner frame. Then, it doesn't block too much field of vision.
Red Dot Is Better Than Holo
Red Dot Is Better Than Holographics Sight
  • Pro players often use a 6x scope for bullet spray in mid and long-range combat. They also adjust the magnification of this scope for different uses, such as spraying bullets or single tap fire.
6x Scope
Pro players often use 6x scope to spray bullets
  • 6x scope is more favorite than 8x scope in long-range sniping. It's because this scope is more versatile and easier to use. For example, the 6x scope does not cover as much field of view as the 8x scope does.
M416 And 6x Combo For Pro Players Cb71
M416 And 6x Is The Best Combo For Pro Players
  • The 3x scope is the second choice for bullet spray in mid-range combat. Moreover, this scope attachment is more popular than the 6x scope in the battle royale mode.
Peek And Fire To Spray
Peek And Fire To Spray With 3x Scope
  • 4x scope is only preferred for DMRs, such as Mini-14, SKS, or SLR in mid-range engagements when you cannot find a 6x scope for those guns. You can also use this mid-range scope for snipe rifles but it cannot work as effectively as a 6x scope if the target is over 500 meters from you. Moreover, it is not as versatile as the 6x scope.

In short, 6x scope is the best scope in PUBG Mobile which can be used for both mid and long-range combat. It's also useful for both sniping and bullet spray.