PUBG Mobile has been collaborating with the iconic brand Emoji recently. Emoji headgear is the special item of this collaboration. It made a lot of players excited about the new fancy and fantastic headgear. Check out how to get these special headgears here.

How To Get New Emoji Headgear In PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile and Emoji collaboration introduced some special Emoji headgear skins. The game publisher also upload a trailer video titled "Reveal The Real You!". It encourages players to express their personality when wearing these headgear skins. The video features a lot of emoji in the emoji collection that you are using every day in the chatbox.

Pubg Mobile Pleased Headgear
PUBG Mobile introduced many special headgear skins in the collaboration with Emoji brand. 

However, there are three emoji headgear skins available to obtain now in the EMOJI pack A, including Cry Emoji, Love Emoji, and Pleased Emoji. The sale for this pack will end on January 10th, 2021. However, you will get the headgear forever.

You Can Get It From Emoji Packs
You Can Get It From Emoji Packs

To get these amazing headgear skins, go to the Treasure Shop and check out the EMOJI Pack A. It only contains three available emoji headgear skins. Then, pay 60 UC to open the crate and get one random skin. You can get only one headgear from pack A with 60 UC. To get another headgear, you need to spend 1080 UC to open Emoji Pack B.

Emoji Pack Cost
Emoji Pack A Costs 60 UC

Apart from these headgear skins, you can also get emoji gifts to give your friends to increase the Synergy and their popularity. In addition, there are many emoji backpack skins in the Redeem shop, such as Smiling Pal, Sad Pal, Clever Pal, Amorous Pal, and Fan backpack skins.

Each emoji backpack skin costs from 147 to 1260 silver coins or 1050 to 9000 AG coins based on the expiry date.

Emoji Bag Skin
You Can Also Buy Some Emoji Bag Skins In The Redeem Shop