UC is one of the major currencies in PUBG Mobile. Players have to pay real cash to top up UC in this game. Buy the cheapest PUBG UC in which country? Let's compare to know players in which country can buy UC at the lowest price here with Gurugamer.com.

In Which Country PUBG UC Is Cheapest?

The price of PUBG Mobile UC is pretty various in different countries, based on the exchange rate and discount in different regions and servers. Here are the top five countries where to purchase UC at a cheap price.

  • Brazil: PUBG Mobile players in this South American country can buy UC at a lower price because this region has a greater bonus than in other regions. For example, when you buy 50 UC, you will get a small bonus of 3 UC. Moreover, if you buy 6,000 UC, the system gives you a giant bonus of 2,400 UC. Therefore, you can top-up 8,400 UC with only 379.9 BRL. It equals 5,075.83 INR. Besides, the price of Elite Royale Pass is also low, about 506 INR.
Uc Price In Brazil
Brazil Has The Lowest UC Price In The World.
  • Indonesia: You can also buy cheap UC in Indonesia. The price for a package of 5,000 UC with a bonus of 1,000 UC is 5171.31 INR. You can also buy Elite Pass when using only 770 INR.
Uc Purchase
Players can buy UC and check out the price in the in-game shop.
  • Malaysia: Although it's not the Midasbuy cheapest UC country, you can still save a big sum of money when purchasing UC in this region. A package of 6,000 UC is 7234 INR. Moreover, this shop also gives you a giant bonus of 2,400 UC when buying this package.
Uc Price
The price of UC is various in different countries but stay the same throughout all seasons.

How To Top Up PUBG Mobile UC In Midabuy?

Midabuy is an online shop for PUBG and PUBG Mobile players to purchase UC and other items. It's very easy to top up UC in this shop. This online shop also allows PUBG Mobile players from different countries and regions all over the world to buy UC in their own currencies or international currency.

Choose Your Countries And Regions
Choose Your Countries And Regions

Firstly, PUBG Mobile players have to select their countries from four regions, including the Asia Pacific; Africa, the Middle East, and India; Europe; and Latin American and the Caribbean. If your country is not featured in the list, you can select the option of Other above all.

Choose To Top Up Uc
Choose To Top Up UC With Cash

Then, choose the poster of PUBG Mobile to go to the Top-Up shop. Then, choose the Top-Up option on the menu. Next, select a package of UC you want to buy. Each package has a price label and a bonus for you to consider and choose the one you can purchase. There more UC you buy, the bigger bonus you receive.

Select The Package To Buy
Select The UC Package You Want To Buy

After that, you need to choose the payment method. This online shop offers users three channels to pay the bill, including card, Razer Gold Pin, and Razer Gold. You need to have a master card or Visa card to transfer money.

How To Use PUBG Mobile UC Properly?

PUBG Mobile players can use UC for many purposes, such as purchasing Elite Pass and Elite Pass Plus, joining Lucky Spin events, or opening crates. This is a guide on how to use UC properly in this game.

#1. Buy Elite Pass And Elite Pass Plus

It's highly recommended to spend UC on Elite Pass. Then, you can complete daily and weekly missions, collect RP points and level up to receive a lot of attractive rewards. Each season has a unique set of grand prizes, including exclusive bundles and skins that you cannot get in anywhere else.

Pubg Mobile Royale Pass
Purchase Elite Pass and complete daily and weekly missions to receive a lot of attractive rewards.

Moreover, it's a fruitful investment when purchasing PUBG Mobile Elite Pass. For example, when you spend 600 UC on the Elite Pass, you can get 2,500 UC worth of rewards. Besides, if you invest 1,800 UC on the Elite Pass Plus, you can receive a prize pool that worth 9,000 UC.

#2. Open Crates

There are many rare and stunning bundles that you can buy from Premium and Classic crates. You can collect crate coupons or spend UC to open those crates and receive rare bundles and skins. However, the rate to get rare items is definitely low. Therefore, it may cost you a lot of UC to get your favorite skins.

Crate Opening
Spend UC On Crate Opening To Get Stunning Outfit Sets And Skins.

You should open crates when the game system increases the chance to obtain your favorite items. The game publisher also lets players know about these time-limited events on many social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

#3. Lucky & Treasure Spins

These lucky spins and treasure spins will reward players with a lot of limited bundles and weapon skins. For example, PUBG Mobile players can get the upgradable Icicle Mini-14 skin and some winter-themed costume sets from the Icicle Spin now.

Icicle Spin
PUBG Mobile players can get the upgradable Icicle Mini-14 skin and many rewards from Icicle Lucky Spin.

The Treasure spin is also a time-limited chance to earn exclusive skins permanently. Currently, you can get two rare bundles, including Present Set and Crimson Fox Set in the Surprise Treasure spin. The chance to get rare skins from these spins is higher than from crates.

#4. Purchase Bonus

PUBG Mobile also gives away many free items and skins in Purchase Bonus events. For example, the reward set in the Purchase Bonus event season 16 includes a classic coupon and a Shadow Maiden set for female characters. Besides, you can buy the rare and cool Poison Fang SLR skin at a much lower price, just 180 UC (the original price is 1,080 UC).

Purchase Bonus
You can receive many free items and skins in Purchase Bonus events when you top up UC.

Those are some answers to the question "buy the cheapest PUBG UC in which country?". To update the latest PUBG Mobile game news as well as more tips, tricks, and guide for gamers, let's visit our website.