Livik is one of the smallest among maps in PUBG Mobile India/BGMI, with a size of only 2x2 square kilometers. It is usually considered to be a combination of Erangel and Vikendi, with some features of the two. Each match on Livik is fairly short due to the lower number of players (52) and the smaller map. Games usually end in 15 minutes, with a lot of players dying in the Blue Zone.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 hot spots to drop in Livik.

Livik map in BGMI

5 - Shipyard

The shipyard is located on the east side of the Livik map, on the coast. It is the docking location of a beautiful ship that contains a lot of loots. Players can find more than enough loot for a squad inside the ship and the containers.

Shipyard in Livik has a lot of loot on containers.

People usually don't land on this location unless the plane route is right above it... and because of that, Shipyard is great for players who like to play the game in a slow and steady fashion.

4 - East Port

East Port is also on the east side of the map, the opposite of the shipyard in the small bay. There are many warehouses and small houses in this location that contain a considerable amount of loot. Similar to the Shipyard, this zone is not really a hot spot and is rarely visited unless the plane route aligns.

East Port
East Port is on the opposite side of Shipyard

It is best to clear this location fast then getaway on a vehicle. Players occasionally die to the Blue Zone landing on this location.

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3 - Blomster

Blomster is the best location on Livik to get a sniper rifle. It is located on the western side of the map and has many compartments along with a big warehouse where high-tier loot spawn often. Just try to loot quickly when landing, as there are not many buildings in the vicinity. Furthermore, they are all placed far apart from each other.

Blomster is the best location for snipers to drop in Livik.

Don't dawdle for too long on a single warehouse - you might need to go to other buildings to get more items.

2 - Power Plant

The Powerplant is often the chosen spot for squads to land. There is enough loot for multiple squads here, with a decent amount of high-tier items. The drawback of this is that you might need to fight immediately after landing. Be cautious if you land slower than your foes, as there are no buildings to be used as covers.

Power Plant
Power Plant can accommodate multiple squads.

The competition is fierce - if you or your squad are a little late, the houses outside of the plant can be a good alternate option to drop in Livik.

1 - Midstein

Midstein, the biggest town on the map, is the most wanted location on Livik. Prepare for a grueling fight in squads, as 3-4 teams often drop here. There are ample high-tier loots in Midstein, from AR to SR, along with armor and scopes. Players need excellent close combat skill to be the last ones to survive with the loot.

Midstein is the hottest spot on the map.

At least you don't need to run for the Blue Zone landing here as it is near the middle of the Livik map.

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