In squad mode in Battlegrounds Mobile India, the pressure for the last man standing in a team is very huge. This man has to survive and win all combat alone. Here are the top tips to survive and win as the last man standing in your team.

#1. Block The Stair

If your teammates in BGMI unluckily die early and let you survive alone, you should choose a 2-story house with one stair only to camp and cover. You shouldn't stay on the second floor and block the stair. Before that, you should store enough supplies, such as bullets, medicine, and grenades. You can also loot these supplies from the death create of your teammates.

Block The Way Enemies Can Rush You
Block the way enemies can rush you.

#2. Store At Least 5 Grenades

As your teammates are killed all, you need something to support and cover. Grenades are the best supporters. Always keep at least 5 grenades in your backpack.

If you knock an enemy of the opponent team, use grenades to clear both the knocked man and the one reviving him. Besides, you can also use it to block enemies when they chase or rush you. The smoke grenade can cover BGMI players when dealing with enemies from different directions.

Store At Least 5 Grenades In Your Backpack
Store at least 5 grenades in your backpack.

#3. Evade From Multiple-Party Combat

It's one of the most important tips to survive in Battlegrounds Mobile India and win as the last man standing in your team. Don't be involved in 3-party combat when you are alone, because you can be sandwiched when making a very small mistake.

If a third party joins the combat, try to change your position, hide, and find a safe way to evade. A high-speed vehicle may help you flee from combat. You may also need to practice some solo vs squad tips and tricks to survive in this game.

Evade From Multi Party Combat
Evade from multi-party combat

#4. Choose School Apartment In Erangel

If you are playing in Erangel, pick the School Apartment to camp and survive. It's the best place for the last alive squad member to stay safe can clear enemies. If you can occupy an ideal place to hide and camp, you don't need to worry about the third party. Just block the enemy from rushing you via stairs and wait to engage when one of two enemies is eliminated and the other gets weaker.

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Choose A Safe Place In School Apartment
Choose a safe place in School Apartment

#5. Know Your Position

The best tips to survive and win when you are the last survivor in your team are knowing your position and prepare a safe way to fall back. Don't put yourself in a dead corner. Many BGMI players think that every corner that can cover their bodies is safe. However, you should choose a place where you can fall back if many enemies rush at once. However, this back way should be clear.

Know Your Position And Keep Your Back Safe
Know your position and keep your back safe.

#6. Scout Enemies

Apart from your position, you should know the positions of all enemies around, especially those who can spot and shoot at you. Therefore, as a solo player, you shouldn't play aggressively. Hold back and scout enemies.

Then, you need to decide whether to combat or evade and how to engage with 100 percent of winning. Choose the separate enemies and stay on the edge of the area the enemies surround. If you fall into that surrounded area, you will become an easy target.

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