The gameplay of PUBG Mobile and Battleground Mobile India is pretty similar. The School Apartment in Erangel is often a hot-drop location in both these games. Apart from skills, you also need some school apartment tips and tricks to clear this location in BGMI.

#1. One-way Smoke

The first tip for BGMI players who drop in The School Apartment is one-way smoke. It means that only you can see your enemies but enemies cannot see you. It's an easy way to get an easy kill in BGMI. You should switch to low toss or high toss to throw the smoke grenade to the step between two stairs.

School Apartment In Bgmi
The School Apartment in Erangel is often a hot-drop location in BGMI.

Then, when the grenade releases smoke, you step to that step. You can see enemies from the edge of the smoke but enemies cannot see you when you stand in the center of the smoke. It's one of the best tips and tricks to rush and clear apartments campers in the School or high buildings with stairs.

One Way Smoke
Throw smoke between two stairs.

#2. Perfect Grenade Lineup

The school apartments have a balcony outside the stair window on the second floor. You jump out the window and throw the frag grenade to the edge of the terrace wall. Then, the grenade will bound back the to top floor. It will explode when reaching the floor and make the enemy weak. If the opponents are in the effective area of the explosion, you can kill them. It helps you clear top-floor campers safely.

Perfect Grenade Line Up
Perfect grenade lineup

#3. Surprise Roof Campers

There is an edge outside the window of the rooftop. If the rooftop campers ambush near the top-floor door, you shouldn't rush. Just climb out that window, walk along the edge, and surprise campers. Peek and fire to hide your body behind the window. But you should be careful and don't fall off from the edge. Or else, you will die from falling.

Surprise Rooptop Campers
You can surprise rooftop campers from here.

Besides, you should have a teammate with you when you climb outside the window. This ally should fire to the door and make sounds so that enemies won't spot and hear you climbing and moving. It's the key to succeed in surprising enemies. Alternatively, you can use smoke to cover the door when you go solo vs. squad.

#4. Airdrop Looting Tip

If you loot an airdrop with AWM but you don't need this bolt-action sniper rifle, loot all the .300 Magnum ammo. Then, when enemies loot that airdrop, they cannot use this weapon to kill you. Next, you can hide this weapon somewhere far from the airdrop.

Hide All Airdrop Items
Hiding all airdrop items is among the key school apartment tips in BGMI.

If you drop these items far from the airdrop, other players cannot loot them. Don't leave airdrop items in the airdrop, even when you don't need them. It's because you may help opponents stronger and harder to defeat. Hide all items far away from the airdrop.

#5. High Toss Throwing

When you forget to switch to high toss to throw grenades, you can switch it while cooking grenades. But the time will be reset and you need to cook it again. But there is a small trick that helps you switch to high toss and throw a grenade as far as it is in high toss without having to reset time. In specifically, you should tap the switch button when you are about to throw.

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