It's fortunate that Battlegrounds Mobile India provides a data transfer feature for all players. We can safely move our previous inventory, rankings, and levels from the global server. Now you can get back to grinding to that level 100 cap of the game. However, as we've lost so much time during the process, it's essential that we find ways to level up faster to make up for that loss.

Here are 5 tips that will help you boost your EXP gain in Battlegrounds Mobile India!

Note: Leveling up won't have much impact on your BGMI gameplay. It simply displays the time you spend in the game. Every content is available for players right off the bat.

1. Complete Progress Missions

Progress missions are a great source of bonus rewards and EXP. So, in order to level up as fast as possible, we recommend completing all the progress missions. They are super easy to do and you can literally finish them in a day if you're efficient.

Progress Missions
Finish the Progress Missions.

2. Play Classic Matches

Though Arena or Arcade mode can be fun, Classic Matches are what you want to play to level up fast. Classic matches give you more EXP than others. Also, the amount of experience points you gain scales with the time you survive in each match. So, choose maps like Erangel or Miramar so that the match lasts longer. You may refer to hot drops on these maps to gain advantage in the game.

Bgmi Game Modes
Play more Classic Mode!

3. Do Your Daily Missions

Don't sleep on your daily tasks! BGMI provides daily missions and they are really easy to complete. The missions range from doing simple tasks like logging in the game, play a few matches, picking up supplies in the Classic Mode. If you don't like the tasks you receive, you get to re-roll them. But the rewards will remain the same.

Daily Missions
Don't skip your daily missions.

4. Prioritize Survival

As we have mentioned previously, your EXP gain scales with the time you survive. The longer you make it in a match, the more EXP you receive. So, don't try any fancy strategies or engage in combats where it's not necessary. Instead, find a safer landing zone, stock up on Med Kits, Bandages, and try to stay alive as long as possible for that sweet EXP. Also, healing will increase your experience, too.

Survive Bgmi
Always go for the win.

5. Use EXP Cards

This may sound like a tacky thing to do, but it shows results! You can get EXP cards for free from Royale Pass missions or different events in the game. If you're really desperate for one, you can buy it from the store for 10 UC a piece. EXP cards will boost the amount of EXP you receive by 100% for 1 hour. Pair them with the other 4 tricks to level up like the wind in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Exp Cards
Only use EXP cards when you're playing for 1 hour or more.

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