A short film of Battlegrounds Mobile India made by a fan of this game went viral. The video also features some favorite weapons, vehicles, bundles, and skins in this game. Let's check out this fan-made movie here.

Fan-Made Movie Of Battlegrounds Mobile India

The short fan-made movie is only 5-minute long. It's titled Battleground Mobile India 🇮🇳 The New Hope. The background of the film is on Erangel. You can realize it right in the first scene of the movie - Novorepnoye. It's also a rich pier where lots of players in BGMI will land for good loots in Erangel at the beginning of the game.

A Short Story In Novo
A short story in Novo

For men in popular BGMI bundles, including Godzilla bundle. The dubbed voice in the film is in Hindi. Their conversation also revealed the plot of this film: the end of life on Erangel. Pochinki, Military Base, and many places on this island became abandoned. Novo is also at risk. Survivors in Novo have to cross a deadly bridge to come to a safer place.

They Discussed About The Future In Erangel
They discussed the future in Erangel and planned to cross the bridge.

They also don't know what is waiting for them on the other side of the river. But they still want to cross it to find other survivors in the other end of the bridge if any. Four survivors came into a discussion on whether they should cross the bridge or not.

They Crossed The Bridge
They decided to cross the bridge despite potential risks.

Two guys don't want to cross the bridge because it's pretty risky and dangerous. Meanwhile, the two others think they can find someone else in the other bank. Finally, they decided to climb and go through it. As we all know, crossing bridges in PUBG Mobile and BGMI is pretty risky because of bridge campers.

A Fierce Combat On The Bridge
Fierce combat on the bridge

Therefore, the 4-member squad found a UAZ and a motorbike to cross the bridge as fast as possible. The squad leader changed his outfit and rode the motorbike. And they really encounter a team of campers and had fierce combat on that long bridge. Just watch and enjoy the cinematic scenes of this fan-made video. It also features many iconic BGMI weapons, vehicles, and skins in this game.

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