Battlegrounds Mobile India has finally been revealed, with quite a few Indian players jumping back into Erangel. Months have passed since the ban, however, with their skill getting rustier over time. The best way to fix this is to engage in combat as often as possible.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 hot spots to drop in Erangel for getting kills.

1 - Pochinki

If you are looking for some action early on, Pochinki is probably your best bet. However, try to be one of the first to land, otherwise, you might get killed.

Hot Drop Location Pochinki
Pochinki is located at the center of the map, with mazes upon mazes of houses, great loots and lots of rivals.

Located in the center of the Erangel map, Pochinki is the favorite landing spot of many players, as they won't have to rotate when the safe zone shrinks. Players should try to camp in houses to get kills on Pochinki.

2 - Sosnovka Military Base

The Military Base is the best looting spot in Battlegrounds Mobile India, despite its location. The zone has a lot of good items - when landing here, it is recommended to get on top of the shelters. This spot is popular with squads, but solo players might want to pick it as well, especially when the plane route is right on top.

Sosnovka Military Base
Sosnovka Military Base is huge - expect a lot of competition.

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3 - Georgopol

Georgopol is the biggest town on Erangel island. It is filled with buildings and loot and you will have to fend off enemies constantly. While there are lots of great guns, it is best to loot what you can and rotate out early.

Getting the vantage point on Georgopol is great if you have a sniper rifle.

Due to the maze-like arrangements of the harbor containers, hide and snipe tactics are often used. Getting shot by enemies you can't see is not fun at all.

4 - Rozhok

While Rozhok is not a big town, the houses in this area have a great loot spawn rate. This is a hotspot in Battlegrounds Mobile India for grabbing the best Assault Rifles. The danger comes from the hills surrounding the town - they are good vantage spots for snipers to operate.

Here you have a high chance of looting assault rifles.

If a squad is able to come out of this alive, they would be able to earn a lot of good weapons along with a respectable K/D stat.

5 - Novorepnoye

Novorepnoye is the second town with a port/shipyard in Erangel. The maze-like placement of its containers makes it great for solo players to score kills. Just like Georgopol, Novorepnoye has great loot - landing early could get you some sniper rifles and scopes. These two factors make Novorepnoye one of the hot spots to drop in Erangel.

Novorepnoye is also a dock with a lot of containers and warehouses.

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