PUBG Mobile has finally come back to India in the form of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), a brand new title that looks and plays exactly like its predecessor. It has been a while since PUBG Mobile was banned, and a lot has changed since then. Currently, BMI is at season 19 - it is still getting quite a few new weapons with every update.

In this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 best Assault Rifles in BGMI 2021.

Best Assault Rifles In Battlegrounds Mobile India

1 - AUG

The ultra-rare airdrop weapon AUG has become the best AR in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Its stats are high over the board, with the most notable thing being its stellar handling. While the AUG's fire rate is not that high, its damage per shot and low bullet spread make it effective in most situations.

AUG is amongst the Best Assault Rifles In Battlegrounds Mobile India

Its weakness is close-range fights... however, most fights in BMI happens in middle to long-range.


The FAMAS is a fairly new weapon in BMI, added to the game as part of the Livik update. Unlike in other games, the version of the FAMAS in BMI is pretty much an SMG in the body of an AR. This means the FAMAS is exceptionally strong in short-range fights.

FAMAS is definitely top tier amongst the Best Assault Rifles In Battlegrounds Mobile India

Livik is a small map and most fights can become a melee duel. A FAMAS's fast burst can let you get headshots easily.

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3 - QBZ / G36C / SCAR-L

The reason that these 3 weapons are at the same spot is that the G36C and QBZ replace the SCAR-L on Vikendi and Sanhok. They are overall very similar to each other, with only minor differences:


The SCAR-L is a great middle range rifle with great stability. With the muzzle, stock and a 4x scope attached, it becomes a great long range weapon that works super well on big maps like Erangel and Miramar.


The G36C and QBZ have about the same stat as the SCAR-L, but have a longer reload time and higher fire rate. This makes them better in close range fights, which happen more often on small maps like Vikendi and Sanhok.


4 - M416

The M416 used to be amongst the best assault rifles in PUBG Mobile, but it has been powercreeped by the special weapons a little bit. The reason behind this gun's power and popularity is that it can take a lot of attachments and become very versatile.


In longer matches, a fully modded M416 is super deadly. If you are quick at inventory management, you can even switch attachments on the fly based on the situation at hand. For example, getting a 4x scope to fight a distant target then swap in a 1x for close-quarter fights.


The Groza used to be the best, but multiple nerfs have knocked it down a peg. However, it is still exclusive to airdrops. Overall, this weapon is still a DPS beast, with a high fire rate and damage... however, its smaller magazine is a big problem.


Combined with the slow reload time, inexperienced players might have a lot of problems in dealing with this gun.

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