Battleground Mobile India (BGMI)'s Early Access has officially gone live on Thursday, with the beta available for download on Google Play. From what we have experienced so far, it is clear that BGMI is more or less just a clone of PUBG Mobile with a few tweaks here and there.

In this article, we will showcase our first impressions of Battlegrounds Mobile India Vs PUBG Mobile in its early access build. With the beta being made available right before the previously expected June 18 release date, it is unclear how long this will last or when the game will be released.

Battlegrounds Mobile India
Battlegrounds Mobile India's beta is finally released for testing.

Battlegrounds Mobile India First Impressions

Logging In

PUBG Mobile fans would find everything from Battlegrounds Mobile India familiar, from the moment they open the app. After logging in with your previous credentials of PUBG Mobile (or creating a new account), the same home screen and background music as PUBG Mobile appear.

BGMI is currently at season 19
BGMI is currently at season 19, with an insectoid theme

The best part about BGMI is that Krafton allows you to transfer over your in-game data from PUBG Mobile. Your previous progress before this event is kept intact. Furthermore, there were prompts asking the player if they are over 18 and located in India. To deal with them, you can just reply "yes", without the need for any verification.

First Game

Immediately upon jumping into Erangel, a narrator announces that the game is a simulation and does not represent real life. They also advise the player to not spend too much time on the game. Overall, this message replays every time you start a match and can get fairly annoying. However, it might actually be a much-needed reminder during long sessions.

Except for the name, everything are the same
Except for the name, everything is the same

Similar to the initial days of PUBG Mobile, the match is filled with bots and we did not come across any real player.

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The version of Erangel in BGMI is pretty much the same as PUBG Mobile. You pick up familiar equipment and weapons, using the same old controls. Even the account you are using is from your old PUBG Mobile days.

The performances of various weapons remain the same. However, you might find some new additions, as PUBG Mobile has been updated for 9 more months since the ban.


The advantage of this game being region-restricted to India is that the pings are much better. You can experience a quick and smooth experience without any ping issues, lags, or frame drops. This might change later when the servers are full, however.

There are minor differences here and there
There are minor differences here and there between Battlegrounds Mobile India Vs PUBG Mobile

Battlegrounds Mobile India took 6.06GB of storage at the maximum graphic settings. It only asks permission to use the phone's storage and microphone (if you use the in-game voice chat). This is actually bigger than the original file size of PUBG Mobile and might be reduced in the future. It is unclear when the game would be released.

List of changes between Battlegrounds Mobile India vs PUBG Mobile

  • Players can only match against other Indian players. Global matchmaking is disabled and there is no server selection. Players from other regions can still download and play BGMI, however, as the restriction is only for those inside the country.
There is no way to change servers anymore
There is no way to change servers anymore
  • All later Esports tournaments of BGMI will be restricted to India and Indian players won't be able to compete in international tournaments. It is unsure when this ban would be lifted.
  • There will be a new OTP authentication feature. Players can enter up to 3 times, and a mobile number can be used for up to 10 accounts.
  • Warnings and disclaimers will be shown at the start of the game.
  • All in-game events are designed for the Indian audience. Players can win a free permanent outfit during the launch week event, India Ka Battlegrounds.
Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre-registration Event
Battlegrounds Mobile India PUBG Mobile Pre-registration Event
  • A time and spending limit are put up for underage players. Gamers under 18 years old age can only play the game for 3 hours a day, with a spending limit of INR 7000. This method should be able to curb the gaming additions amongst younger generations.
  • Some wording changes. For example, a killed player is now listed as "Finished".
  • The blood color changed. Instead of red, players can now choose between light green, deep green, or light yellow.
The new blood effect in BGMI
The new blood effect in BGMI

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